Pancakes with Buttermilk Mousse, Blackberries, Blueberries and Toasted Nuts

Pancakes are the favorite dessert of Danes. This recipe is made with buttermilk mouse and garnished with blackberries, blueberries and toasted nuts. You can use ice cream if you like in stead of mousse, and garnish with any type of berry or nut.                         […]

Summer’s Best Fruit Pie

Now that it is summer and we have all kinds of fresh and beautiful fruits in our gardens or at the supermarket, it is time to make my favorite pie. Most of the work can be done the day before, make the cream and bake the pie shell. The fruit should be cut into small […]

Peaches in Raspberry Sauce

I am not a dessert person, but when it comes to summer, I love anything with fresh fruit. The season is short and intense and we should try to eat fresh fruit at least 2-3 times a week. Basically fruit recipes are easy, require little or no cooking and taste wonderful.         […]

Balsamic Strawberries with Vanilla Crème

Strawberries for dessert is always a hit with both young and old. Now that is it summer, we should eat as many as we can. The season in Denmark is short and although we can buy strawberries from other countries, we Danes believe our strawberries are the best because of the cool temperature and long […]

Licorice Mousse

Danes have a weakness for licorice and eat it not only as candy, but they are now putting it in their food. This mouse is made with not only licorice powder, it is also made with beer. Preferably a dark beer. And of course, lots of heavy, whipped cream. Licorice can be sweet and the […]

Meringue Baskets with Summer Fruit

Summer is here and fruit is filling the markets. Weekend is here and many will be having guests. Here is an easy and super delicious dessets. The baskets can be made the day before and it takes just minutes to arrange with fruit and a spoonful of whipped cream.               […]

Strawberries in Pepper Wine Sauce and Vanilja Ice Cream

Strawberries taste best when they are in season. Although they can be bought all year around, it is always a good idea to wait for the strawberry season to start. The Danish strawberries are starting to come into the markets and my family and I eat as many as we can. The most Danish way […]

Coconut Cake with Rhubarb Compote

I picked the last of my rhubarb in my garden today and made this cake. The thinner and darker the stems are, the better the rhubarb taste is.  Although, the thin rhubarb of the Spring is the best, I know that there will be more rhubarb  in August and that is just fine with me. […]

Lemon Mousse

I call my blog Modern Danish Cooking, but must admit that there are some recipes that the Danes will not stop making. This lemon mousse is a Danish old-fashion classic and has come back to be very popular. This week-end there are confirmations all over the country eating this for dessert. It is a good dessert to serve when three […]

Chilled Rhubarb with Mint and Sour Creme

It is still cold in Denmark, but I figure somewhere in the world, it is warm. I saw the first rhubarb in the supermarket yesterday and couldn’t resist buying some. This rhubarb soup can  be served as an appetizer or a dessert. Like so many other vegetables and  fruits, the season is short in Denmark (April to June) and […]

Hygge with Crepes, Whipped Cream, Figs and Pears

The Danes like to take time out on a lazy Saturday afternoon and make pan cakes or crepes and enjoy them with a cup of coffee.. Most people eat them with just strawberry jam and a  little sugar. Others like to serve them with  ice cream as a special treat for children.  This recipe is a little different. […]

Rhubarb Trifli with Vanilla Cream

I love my rhubarb plant, every time I cut the stems, there just comes more.  Rhubarb is really a vegetable, but we use it in the sweet kitchen. It can be sour, yes. Depending on the time of year, more or less sugar needs to be added. Spring is best time of year, but we […]

Cold Applesauce Cake

Apples are Denmark’s nationial fruit. The Danish climate  is very favorable for growing apples. Long days where the sun raises early, around four in the morning, and sets in the evening, around ten, gives the trees more light than many other places. At the same time, apples grown in a cool climate where there can be a […]


  These pancakes are served   to all official visitores at the Copenhagen city hall at festive receptions hosted by one of the city’s six mayors.  Many Danes serve them at home on special occsions. The pancakes should be thin and crispy. These pancakes are filled with creme but they can also be served with ice cream or simply with […]


I am so lucky to have a neighbor who has so many  blackberries that she can’t eat them all. Of course, she could freeze them but prefers to give them to me. Like so many other berries, blackberries have a short season and it is important to use them as much as possible while  in season. I make […]


Strawberries have a short and intense season here in Denmark and we eat as many as we can while we can.  Never put  strawberries in the refrigerator. That will stop the naturally ripening.  Place them in a cool place unless they should be eaten the same day. If you eat them the same day, you can […]


  Although the Danes have been leading quite a culinary revolution in these past recent years and Copenhagen has become one of the most influential food cites in the world, we are still very fond of grandmother’s cooking. These recipes are still very popular with the Danes and with professional chefs that are beginning to bring them […]


Christmas pudding with hot cherry sauce is the traditional Christmas Eve dessert in Denmark. One blanched whole almond is hidden in the pudding just before serving. All the guests at the table serve themselves  with a small or large portion of pudding depending on how much they want to win the ” Almond present.” Whoever gets […]


  Sunday the 30th of November is the first Sunday in Advent. Advent has a religious meaning but for most of the Danes, it means there is only one month, or four sundays until Christmas eve. Advent  marks the beginning of the Christmas season and the many parties and luncheons. Many families invite familie and friends to eat Christmas Dougnuts and drink Gløgg, […]


It is harvest time in Denmark and apples are pouring in at the supermarket and the local framer’s market. Denmark is the most apple eating country in Europe, in fact we eat  an average of 110 pounds a person a year. There are many sorts of apples; old and new, sweet and sour, mild tasting and […]