Bloody Mary with edible flowers

Without even knowing it, many of us have edible flowers in our gradens. If you want to make your summer dinners extra special, you can garnish cakes, soups and salads and even drinks with edible flowers. The flowers that you plan on eating, should  naturally  be free from pesticides and chemicals. Remember, flowers that grow on the […]

Elder Flower Drink

When the elder flowers are in full bloom, you know that summer has come to Denmark. The season is short in Denmark, starting right after midsummer night, June 23, and two or three weeks after.  Together with strawberries, elder flower drinks symbolise summer for the Danes. Elder Flower Drink is a  Danish origin but I […]

What to drink with Open-face Sandwiches

There has been a few days free from work and school for the Danes because of Jesus’ ascension that we celebrate on May 25. Many Danes use this weekend to invite friends over for lunch. Most people will serve beer and snaps/Danish aquavit. I have written about this ritual before in April of 2014, but I […]

Hygge with Hot Chocolate

Last week I talked about Hygge -the  Danish word for an atmosphere and experience. Some may translate the word HYGGE to cozy or a feeling of well-being. Hot drinks rated number 1 for HYGGE. Yes, it is true that the Danes rated hot drinks as number 1, 89% in fact. After hot drinks, candles rated […]


This  coming Sunday , November the 29th, is the first Sunday of advent and many Danish families will be gathering   to celebrate that the Christmas season has arrived.  This is the first of  many parties. Families make or buy an advent decoration with four candles, one for every sunday before Christmas. Each  sunday a candle is lit and when the […]