Eggs with Pork, Potatoes and Avocado

The weekend is coming up and most people have time for a nice breakfast. Eggs are  always a welcome variation to the everyday rutine.  This a quick and easy dish to make while setting the table, making coffee or tea and poring juice.                         […]

Waffles with Sage and Black Pepper and Spicy Apple Sauce

New Year’s morning many with be sleeping late. Those who don’t might want to make something different. They may even have overnight guests and want to spoil their friends with a special breakfast. Waffles are always popular and these are spicy and different.                         […]

Smoked Salmon with Broccoli and Dill Tart

Tarts are good both for bunch and a light lunch. They can also be served with a salad for dinner and fruit and cheese for dessert. I always make a double portion of the dough and freeze half. This way, I always have a dough ready to bake.                 […]

Hygge with Crepes, Whipped Cream, Figs and Pears

The Danes like to take time out on a lazy Saturday afternoon and make pan cakes or crepes and enjoy them with a cup of coffee.. Most people eat them with just strawberry jam and a  little sugar. Others like to serve them with  ice cream as a special treat for children.  This recipe is a little different. […]

Easter – A time for hygge with family and friends

Easter is a good time for hygge. Friends and families gather more often than other countries and with five days free from work, they often travel from one end of the country to another end. Some are even spending serval days together. Sunday morning is a good time for a brunch. If you make the dough […]

Easter Egg Omelet with Tomato, Cheese and Arugula

It is Easter soon and the Danes will be eating lots of eggs. As far back as heathen time, the egg has been a symbol of fertility and the coming of Spring. When Europe became Christian, eggs became a symbol of Easter and the resurrection of Jesus. In the past, Christians gave up eating eggs […]

Smørrebrød – Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Egg

The Danes eat a lot of smoked salmon. It can be bought at the supermarket in small packages and at the fishmonger’s shop. It is best to buy a good quality and at the fishmonger’s shop. This sandwich is quite often made with smoked eel. For those who don’t like eel, smoked salmon can be used. The combination of smoked […]

Poached egg with Prosciutto and Parsley Oil

Many will say they can’t make poached eggs. The fresher an egg is, the better for poaching because they keep their shape. Most cooks from North America prefer white eggs shells while Europeans prefer brown eggs – maybe because brown eggs make them think they are from chickens not cooped up small chicken cages. When  poaching eggs, […]

Vanilla-Poached Apricots

In the summer time we often have more fruit than we can eat. This is a useful way to use up an excess of summer produce. Any stone fruit benefits from the vanilla-poaching treatment. These apricots can be served hot or cold and they will keep for up to 4 days in the refrigerator. They […]

Pancake with Gravlax and Lemon Butter

Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch. Especially the weekends and summer vacation is a good time to serve a brunch.  Here is a wonderfully delicious and filling pancake that combines two of my favorite foods –  pancakes and gravlax.                       Pancakes with Gravlax and […]

Summer Breakfast – Maple Yogurt with homemade muesli

Now that summer has arrived and many of us have vacation, we have more time to  eat a late breakfast and prepare something different than the usual piece of toast and a glas of juice. The next few weeks I will be posting some recipes that are good for a breakfast or maybe even for […]

Pancake with smoked salmon and lemon butter

When New Year’s Eve is over, we just want to relax and eat a casual breakfast or maybe even a brunch.  A brunch is good solution when you get up late and combine breakfast with lunch. Some may want pandcakes and others are fine with eating leftovers from the day before. A pancake with smoked salmon and […]