Rack of Lamb with Red Wine Sauce and Summer Vegetables

The Danes have a long tradition of eating lamb at Easter, but lamb can be bought year around. I took a break from writing my new book last night and made rack of lamb with red wine sauce for guests. I have lots of courgettes, carrots and parsley  in my garden and bought some green […]

Omelet with Fried Pork

In the summer, most Danes don’t want to make  time consuming dishes in a hot kitchen, and if they are not grilling in their backyard, they often make an egg dish with lightly salted pork, tomato and chives. Many have vacation and are spending a few days at home just enjoying their free time. A […]

Grilled Giant Mexican Burger

I wrote a few weeks ago that Danes didn’t start to eat burgers until the 1980’s. In fact, Mac Donalds came to Denmark in 1981. They didn’t eat Mexican either. Now, the Danes eat burgers and Mexican food all the time and new variations of burgers  are constantly being composed. Here is a fun burger […]

Tuna Burger with Wasabi-mayonnaise

  In a few days, it will the 4th of July and many, if not all American will be heading for the beaches, parks,  and lakes  to enjoy the 4th. It is not a special day here in Denmark, but there will some people enjoying the long, summer nights with a B.B.Q. Hot dogs and […]

Spicy Grilled Mackerel in the Harbor

It is easy enough to have a picnic in the harbor where there is a fish monger. Fresh fish can be bought and prepared in the harbor. There are often picnic tables and  small grills are available that  can be easily  transported to the harbor. One can sit and enjoy the fishing boats and sail […]

Grilled Salmon with Dill-Mustard and New Potatoes

Many Danes will be gathering friends and family for a grill party this Friday night, one of the longest nights of the Danish summer, midsummer night. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work if you plan it and make as much as possible the day before. You can make the main dish and […]

Pan-Fried Cod with a Crust of Panko (Breadcrumbs) and Mushrooms, Parsley Oil and Smoked Cream

This recipe has serveval steps and may seem difficult. Let me assure you that it is not, It can be made in less than a half of an hour. The timing is the most important thing. Start with  parsley oil. It can take a long time to drip though the sieve if you don’t help […]

Grilled Pork Chops with Leeks and Apples

Denmark is the country that eats the most apples in Europe. In fact, we eat 50 kg (100 lbs.) of apples a year. There are all kinds of apples, new and old, sweet and sour, that can be eaten without any kind of treatment. Then we have apples that are only used for cooking and baking. Apart […]

Oxtails with Crushed Potatoes

Oxtails are really a winter dish, but the Spring in Denmark is changing daily from cold to warm, and then again back to cold. Yesterday was cold and I felt like eating som comfort food. The Danes would say that comfort food is HYGGE. Hygge time is also about enjoying the food, to focus on […]

Cod with Nage Sauce

Nage is the term used for a flavored liquid used for poaching  delicate foods, typically seafood. A traditional nage is a broth  flavored with white wine, vegetables, and herbs, in which seafood is poached. The liquid is then reduced and thickened with cream and/or butter. Nage is a French term and refers to cooking in flavored […]

Sautéed Chicken and Radishes, Ramsons and Mustard Sauce

Brief high heat roasting mellows a radish’s peppery flavor and turns it into a whole new root vegetable. Using the green tops adds color and enhances the radish flavor. Ramsons (also known as wild garlic) have garlicky, green flavor that turns mellow with cooking. Chicken now comes in many kinds of cuts and makes a quick everyday […]

Braised Chicken with Cucumber Salad

“Kroer” are traditional country inns, or small hotels, dotted around the countryside in Denmark. In 1283, King Erik Klipping decreed that small hotels or inns, where to be established to accommodate him and his entourage, when he traveled around the country to collect taxes. At the time of the decree, there was to be an inn […]

Smoked Salmon with Broccoli and Dill Tart

Tarts are good both for bunch and a light lunch. They can also be served with a salad for dinner and fruit and cheese for dessert. I always make a double portion of the dough and freeze half. This way, I always have a dough ready to bake.                 […]

Ragout of Morel Mushrooms and Asparagus with Red Fish

Make this dish in the Spring, when morels, asparagus and new baby carrots are in season. As with so many other ingredients, the season for morels, asparagus and new baby carrots are short and intense. Of course, the ragout should be served with new potatoes.                         […]

Chicken With Horseradish Sauce and Peas

Chicken is reasonably priced, widely available and sold in all kinds of cuts. Chicken breast can be mild in taste and often a little dry. Therefore, I prefer to use a whole chicken whenever possible. A whole chicken can have more intense flavor  and when the stock it has been cooked in, it gives a good taste to the […]

Pork and veal patty with Anchovies, Capers and Grated Horseradish

Easter is over and we are back to every day cooking. Today the recipe is for a patty that is called in Danish Karbonade and has its origin in the Italien language. It is minced meat  fried in the form of steak. This is a popular dish that the Danes never seem to get tried […]

Fish Cakes with Smoked Salmon Remoulade

Fish cakes can both be a main dish served with potatoes  and the season’s vegetables or a salat. And it can also be an open-face sandwich  on rye bread. Many people buy a ready made mixture in the supermarket or at the fish monger. I prefer to make them myself and I never use a blender […]

Open-face Sandwich with Cold Roast Pork and Red Cabbage Salad

This roast and the sandwich you can make with the left-overs, is one of the most popular in Denmark. Many people in Denmark eat one of these sandwiches at least once a week at a small dinner that sells fast food. Claus Meyer, one of the authors of the Danish food manifesto signed by dozens of […]


Many of the meat open-face sandwiches can be both be a hot main course in the evening and then be served the next day as a cold open-face sandwich. Danish meatballs, also firkadeller in Danish, is one of the most popular evening meal as well as an open-face sandwich. There are many recipes for the meatballs. It […]

Danish Meatloaf (Forloren hare)

It is still cold and the Danes are staying home and enjoying the long winter evenings. It’s dark around 4 in the afternoon, but the days are getting longer. At least 20 minutes. So there is hope ahead.  In the mean time the Danes  tend to eat all the comforting foods of their childhood such as […]