Shrimp Salad with Asparagus and “Danish Caviar”

Yesterday I wrote about the fresh Danish Lumpfish Caviar. I know that it can’t be found fresh in other countries, but it can be found in jars. Here is an easy and delicious shrimp sandwich that can be decorated with red Danish Lumpfish Caviar. Red, black and even green caviar can be bought in many […]

Blinis with Lumpfish Roe, Red Onions and Creme fraiche

Lumpfish roe, the Danish caviar, is in season right now. The roe of lumpfish is quite popular in Denmark and is considered the caviar of the North. The season is  short. However, it can be frozen and enjoyed all year around. The season  starts around the middle of February and if we are lucky, it can last until […]

Hot Smoked Salmon with Egg Yolk, Radishes and Chives

Most people know and love smoked salmon.   When I talk about  smoked salmon, I mean cold smoked salmon. It is smoked over wood chips for twenty-four  hours at a temperature of 37° C (99°F). It is quite popular in Denmark and Europe and is servered as an appetizer for many dinner parties and special occasions. Now […]

Crab Salad with Avocado

Avocado originates from South America and first came to Denmark in the beginning of the seventies. The Danes have taken avocadoes in and use them  natural, in soups, as dressing and in sandwiches like this one. Although there are  23 different species of crabs found in Danish waters, we don’t eat that much of them. However, we can buy different types […]

Smoked Halibut with Fennel-Cucumber

The coast of Denmark stretches for a length of 7300 kilometers (4500 miles). Quite large for such a little country. We do eat a lot of fish.  Maybe not as much as the experts say we should, but with the return of open-face sandwiches, we are getting better at it.  Greenland, once under the rule of […]

Smoked Salmon with Shrimps and Black “Caviar”

Many of the Danish open-face sandwiches are so easy to make. You just have to buy the different ingredients and in 10-15 minutes you will have a extravagant and wonderfully delicious sandwich. Fish eggs, also known as roe,  from all sorts of fish can be eaten with enjoyment  and are praised for their unique taste. In […]

Open-face Sandwich with Smoked Salmon and Salmon Tartare

Last week I wrote that  open-face sandwiches could be served as an appetizer. This sandwich is made with both fresh and smoked salmon. Be sure to use only absolutely fresh salmon for the tartare and be careful not to mash the fresh salmon.                       Smoked […]

Open-face Sandwich with Shrimps and Dill Sprigs

As I wrote last time, I will be making open-face sandwiches for awhile. I believe that Danish Open-face sandwiches differ from other sandwiches because they are so beautiful. Take this Shrimp sandwich with just a sprig of dill and some lemon wedges.  If you take just a few minutes to place each shrimp carefully on the bread and not just toss […]

Oysters with Horserasdish Cream Dressing

Soon it is New Year’s Eve and many people will be eating oysters. At least they would like to but can’t open the oysters. If you are having guests and the thought of opening 30 or 40 oysters, here is a way to do it quickly. Oysters are supposed to be alive when you buy […]

Salmon with Creme Fraiche

Salmon is one of the most popular fish in Denmark. When you go to a dinner party, you can bet on getting salmon or shrimps as an appetizer. This one is different and easy.                       Salmon with Creme Faiche 7 oz. salmon fillet, 1 tbsp. […]

Beef Tartare with Sautéed Chanterelle

It is the first of September and the Danes are combing the forrest for chanterelle. If you are not lucky enough to find them in the woods, the markets are filled with them. The is a new and unusual way to make tartare with wild mushrooms. All kinds of wild mushrooms can be used, my family […]

Fruit Salad in Watermelon

In the summer we have lots of berries and melons. This beautiful melon is an easy and thirst quenching appetizer to set on the table  in the summer warm.                                             Fruit Salad in Watermelon  Serves 6-8 […]

Green Asparagus with Egg, Mayonnaise and Danish Caviar

Now is the season for fresh asparagus. Unfortunately, a very short season and they should be eaten as often as possible. Green  asparagus is a shoot from an asparagus plant that is allowed to grow up over the earth and the sun makes them green. White asparagus shoots are covered with dirt to let them grow slower, […]

Marinated Salmon with Warm Vegetable Sauce

Warm sauce – Cold salom  is an impressive  appetizer and easy to make. Root vegetables such ascelery root and carrots are two winter vegetables the Danes  always have in the frige. Celery root  has a sweet, nut-like taste as well as a perfumed taste. The celery’s  ethereal oils is absorbed in the sauce giving  it a delicious taste. Carrots […]


Today is the first day of December and the Christmas season with all of it’s parties have started. The Dane drink a lot of snaps, also known as aquavit at this time of the year. We use it also to marinate food. Here is an interesting and different appetizer for a dinner party, a main course for […]


  Appetizers should be an exciting prelude to the food that follows, and should set the tone for the rest of meal. A light touch is called for in the amount you serve. You’re are whetting your guests’ appetites for the dishes to follow and it is important not to fill them up to the […]


The lemon juice and lemon zest in this recipe draws out moisture, transforming the texture and color of the salmon. After a few hours or a night in the refrigerator, the fish loses 15% of its weight. The condensed flesh takes on a pale color and tastes marvelious with a horseradish dressing.           […]


Asparagus taste best in the spring and egg taste best anytime. The combination of the two is always good. Eggs are often used as garnish, but they can also be the main ingredient in appetizers and salads. If you want to poach just one or two eggs, a mirowave oven can be used. Fill a […]


The combination of new baby potatoes and spring radishes in a salad is the perfect dish in the spring. Here in Denmark, the Danes can’t wait for the new potatoes and the new radishes after a long winter. It is not necessary to peel  new potatoes, just skrub them. Not only do they have fiber, vitamins […]


                                    One of the many places  I love to visit in Denmark is Tivoli. Tivoli opened the first time  in May 1850 and was only open for the summer season, May to September. It wasn’t until 1994  that Tivoli opened at Christmas time so that […]