Potato Cakes filled with Vanilla Cream and Whipped Cream “Kartoffelkage”

These cakes have nothing to do with potatoes. They are however, one of the most popular pastry. It takes time to make these cakes but they are worth it. A lazy Sunday afternoon on a cold October day is a great time to make these cakes.                   […]

Danish Pastry Braid with Butter Cream Filling and Cinnamon

Danes love their pastry also called wienerbrød. Outside of Denmark people call our wienerbrød a Danish. It comes in may different shapes and with all kinds of fillings. Making your own wienerbrød can be a very time-consuming project, but the end results is worth it. Now that the days are getting shorter and colder, many […]

Poppy Bread

Denmark is famous for it´s wienerbrød or as people all over the world just say “Danish”. It is only the 4th of September and it cold here in Denmark, so I decided to make some poppy bread. These are called Tebirkes in Danish . Always fun to spend some time in kitchen on a cold, […]

Summer’s Best Fruit Pie

Now that it is summer and we have all kinds of fresh and beautiful fruits in our gardens or at the supermarket, it is time to make my favorite pie. Most of the work can be done the day before, make the cream and bake the pie shell. The fruit should be cut into small […]

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ising and Raspberries

There is nothing new or Danish about a chocolate cake. I just made this cake for my birthday and was please with the results, I couldn’t resist sharing it on my blog. This cake is extra high – simple, I made a double portion. (I have a big family).Sweets, baking cakes and cooking are a big part […]

Coconut Cake with Rhubarb Compote

I picked the last of my rhubarb in my garden today and made this cake. The thinner and darker the stems are, the better the rhubarb taste is.  Although, the thin rhubarb of the Spring is the best, I know that there will be more rhubarb  in August and that is just fine with me. […]

Raspberry Squares

Children and adults alike love these raspberry squares and they are easy to make. I make them with my grandchildren. These cookies are good for guests or just when you want to relax and Hygge.                         Raspberry Squares  makes 12-16 cookies 300 gram all-purpose […]

Wienerbrød – Danish Pastry – Cinnamon Buns

Who hasn’t heard of Danish pastry. It is famous and in many parts of the world, a pastry is simply called “a Danish”. In Denmark it is called wienerbrød because the Danish bakers learned to make wienerbrød for more than 200 years ago in Austria and Switzerland.   When the basic dough is made, you can […]

Hygge The Danish word for an atmosphere and an experience

  The Danes are the happiest people in Europe according to the European Social Survey. Don’t get me wrong, Denmark is not perfect. We have our challenges and problems like any other country. Denmark, nevertheless, can be a source of inspiration for other nations to increase their quality of life. There is a lot of media […]

Layer Cake with Rhubarb and Berries

The market is beginning to fill up with all kinds of delicious berries and rhubarb. Here is an easy and beautiful cake that pleases both young and old. You don’t need a baking pan, just draw circles on a piece of parchment paper and make them as small or large as you like. The circles don’t need […]

Danish Roll with Crème and Jelly – Spandauer

Denmark is famous for it’s Danish pastry, also known in Denmark as wienerbrød. Wienerbrød  has many layers of flakey dough and can be found in many shapes with different kinds of fillings. When the dough is made, it is important that the butter and flour are blended well. Therefore it is important the dough is rolled out […]

The Best of Danish Pastry Othello Layer Cake

As I wrote last time, the Danes like to give their cakes and pastries  names. This one is named after Giuseppe Verdis opera Othello fra 1887 based on  Shakespeare’s great tragedy Othello.  It’s served on special occasions and can be bought at any bakery in Denmark. You can also make it at home and although it […]

Danish Pastry – Napoleon’s Hat

The Danes have a long tradition of naming  their cakes and pastry after people or  events. They can also be named for famous operas and even after generals. These Danish Pastries are named after the French emperor, Napoleon.  The cakes have a triangular form and are  filled with marzipan. After they are baked, they are dipped is chocolate. Not […]


Christmas is just a few days away. Everyone has been busy planning, shopping,and  decorating  the last few weeks. Although the house is packed with food, most Danish housewifes have a tittle extra time to bake some cookies at the last minute. Vanilla rings are the Classic and most loved Danish cookie. Years ago, this cookie was made […]


Chirstmas Eve, the 24th of December, is the day the Danes celebrate Christmas. Many Danes attend a church service early in the afternoon and rush home to prepare  Christmas dinner. Many  Danes eat Pork Roast with Cracking with Glazed Sugar Potatoes and Red Cabbage. I wrote about this last year so if you want to see the recipe, […]


  On Sunday the 15th of February, the children of Denmark will dress up and hit  a barrel filled with candy, apples and oranges. This is a tradition that comes from Holland around the 15th century. The people of Holland put a living cat into the barrel. The cat was a symbol of all the evil and […]


Italy has pasta, Germany has saurerkraut, Spain has tapas and Denmark has pastry and wienerbrød with hundreds of different kinds of shapes, forms and fillings. In some parts of the world pastry is simply called “a Danish”.   Although the Danish wienerbrød tradition originated from Ausria and Swiss bakers, the Danes have  delveloped them to what they are today. The Groose Breast […]


                                  The first avent sunday in the month of December the first candle is lit. Now there is only 4 weeks before Christmas and many Danish families have already made lots of cookies for the Christmas season. Here are […]


                                    The Danish Pastry is one of the most famous features of the Danish kitchen, if not the most famous. Here in Denmark, we are so lucky to have many places we can buy them as they are popular […]


If you want to make your summer dinners extra special, you can garnish cakes, soups and salads with edible flowers. The flowers that you plan on eating, should  naturally  be free from pesticides and chemicals. Remember, flowers that grow on the road side are not suited   because of the passing car’s exhaust. Grow them yourself and you […]