BURNING LOVE Brændende kærlighed

I have written about some of the most popular Danish dishes the last two times and now I have to come a dish that is called burning love. Children love this dish and the parents like it because it is inexpensive and easy to make.                     […]


Last week I wrote about favorite Danish dishes. Danish hash, called Biksemad in Danish, is also a favorite. We eat this  dish when we have lots  left-overs. It can a pork roast or left-over beef. Even lamb is good. If there is not quite enough meat, one or two fried eggs can be added for each person. Potatoes and onions  are […]


Denmark may be leading a culinary revolution these past years, but the Danish people have their favorite dishes. It is called grandmother cooking and have very specific and time-tested combinations of food that are not to contested or fooled with.  A few monthes ago there was a contest about the best Danish dish. People voted and the […]


It may seem strange to many who live outside of Scandinavian  to make a sandwich with cold potatoes. I know I certainly thought it was astonishing  the first time I saw a friend eat her potato sandwich at work. I assumed she was very poor and had nothing else to eat. How wrong could I be. Now I know […]

Cold Applesauce Cake

Apples are Denmark’s nationial fruit. The Danish climate  is very favorable for growing apples. Long days where the sun raises early, around four in the morning, and sets in the evening, around ten, gives the trees more light than many other places. At the same time, apples grown in a cool climate where there can be a […]