Marinated Salmon with Warm Vegetable Sauce

Warm sauce – Cold salom  is an impressive  appetizer and easy to make. Root vegetables such ascelery root and carrots are two winter vegetables the Danes  always have in the frige. Celery root  has a sweet, nut-like taste as well as a perfumed taste. The celery’s  ethereal oils is absorbed in the sauce giving  it a delicious taste. Carrots […]

Brisket with Horseradish Sauce

Horseradish is the North’s counterpart to chili and ginger. It has a sharp and intense taste of mustard that adds loads of flavor to dishes in the cold winter months. Studies have shown that horseradish stimulates fullness. Therefore, we tend to eat less. Here is a good winter dish that fills one up and satisfies our need […]

Tartare made with Beef Filet

Tartare is an all time favorite dish when eating at  a  restaurant. But  it can be just as easily be  made at home. Ask the butcher at your supermarket to grind the best quality of beef for you and drive straight home, don’t let it sit around in the car for several  hours before preparing it. If you […]


January is one of the coldest months of the year in Denmark and we want to both eat something hot and inexpensive after a Holiday filled with our traditional Christmas food.  We are a .pork eating nation and we have more pigs in Denmark than we have people,, approx. 15 million pigs in Denmark and […]