How to build an open-face sandwich

Some time ago Denmark had a contest to determine what is the most  popular dish in Denmark. Fried pork with Parsley sauce won and I wrote about it October 15, 2015 here on my blog. Danish open-face sandwiches are number two and I think it should have been number one along with many others. So I am going to […]

Cider and Beer Braised Pork Cheeks

In Denmark there are more pigs than people – about 20 million pigs to 5,7 million humans. That’s the highest pig-to-person ratio in the world. For years the farmers threw the pig cheeks away not knowing what to do with them.  A few years ago, some of the best cooks in Denmark, including René Redzepi from the world […]

Danish Roll with Crème and Jelly – Spandauer

Denmark is famous for it’s Danish pastry, also known in Denmark as wienerbrød. Wienerbrød  has many layers of flakey dough and can be found in many shapes with different kinds of fillings. When the dough is made, it is important that the butter and flour are blended well. Therefore it is important the dough is rolled out […]