Open-face Sandwich Blue Cheese with Apple and Bacon

Different kinds of cheese are served, as open-face sandwiches, instead of a dessert at a Danish luncheon.. There is a large variety of Danish cheese to be found in many parts of the world, such as Havarti, camembert, brie, and 3-4 varieties of blue chees making it easy to make Danish open-face sandwiches with real […]

Open-face Sandwich with Chicken with Curry Mayonnaise and Bacon

Poultry is always popular on an open-face sandwich. It is reasonably priced, widely available and sold in all kinds of cuts. Chicken breast is tremendously versatile and relatively easy to cook. The cheaper cuts such as thighs and drumstick which are present in whole cooked chicken have a more intense flavor than breast meat. Leftover duck […]

Salami with Seasoned Lard and Herbs and Jellied Consommé

Danish open-sandwiches are more than just a sandwich with different kinds of cold cuts and condiments such as  mustard, mayonnaise and pickles. First, a Danish open-face sandwich doesn’t have two pieces of bread, second, and the most important thing is they have very specific and time-tested combinations of food that are not be contested or fooled […]

Open-face Sandwich with Ham with Italian Salad and Asparagus

Mayonnaise together with remoulade has been for many years the standard basis for most of the Danish salads used to garnish our famous open-face sandwiches. Now, many are using alternaive  dressings for an improved low-calorie salads and garnishes. Homemade is always best. If you do use store bought mayonnaise, be sure it is a good one. […]