Open-face Sandwich with Fried Cod, Dill-Capers Tartar Sauce

The garnish is a very important part of an open-face sandwich making them colorful and fresh. If you have been in Denmark and have eaten these sandwiches, they may  have been decorated  with unnecessary garniture.  I have tried to avoid this. All of the garniture should be eaten. Many places decorate a sandwich with a slice of […]

Two Roast Beef open-face Sandwiches

Slices of roast  beef are available at most supermarkets and butchers. A open-face sandwich made with roast beef and a few garnishes  are easy and delicious. Here are two quick sandwiches that are popular with both young and old. One of the sandwiches is with a homemade spicy remoulade and the other is with a bought  cold béarnaise. […]


These past few weeks I have been writing a lot about Danish open-face sandwiches. These delicious sandwiches are eaten for lunch, late night snacks, as a part of a buffet and many of them can be served as appetizers at dinner parties. This open-face sandwich is very often used as an appetizer. It can be […]

Open-face Sandwich Tartare with Crisp Potato Chips

Tartare  with freshly minced  beef is very popular in Denmark .Venison and bison fillet can also be used. Ask the butcher to grind the meat for you or if you wish to make the tartare meat yourself, it is very easy. All you need is a very sharp knive. It’s a good idea to place the whole filet in […]