Cider Brined Pork Roast with Roasted Apples and Onions

In Denmark we have more pigs than people, about 14 million pigs and only 5 ½ million Danes. We export a great deal but we still have lots of pork. Here is an interesting and fun way to make a pork roast. It  is like the Italien porchetta, helstegt gris, only not so many herbs and spices.  Of course, we […]

Rhubarb Trifli with Vanilla Cream

I love my rhubarb plant, every time I cut the stems, there just comes more.  Rhubarb is really a vegetable, but we use it in the sweet kitchen. It can be sour, yes. Depending on the time of year, more or less sugar needs to be added. Spring is best time of year, but we […]

Mushroom Soup with Jerusalem Artichoke Chips

The  earthy fall flavors of  wild mushrooms og Jerusalem artichokes makes this soup hearty and delicious on a cold summer dag. Yes, in Denmark, it is both cold and rainy. The more rain, however, makes for more wild mushrooms. If you are so lucky to know a place where you can pluk wild mushrooms, be sure and […]

Poached egg with Prosciutto and Parsley Oil

Many will say they can’t make poached eggs. The fresher an egg is, the better for poaching because they keep their shape. Most cooks from North America prefer white eggs shells while Europeans prefer brown eggs – maybe because brown eggs make them think they are from chickens not cooped up small chicken cages. When  poaching eggs, […]