Open-face Sandwich with Smoked Salmon and Salmon Tartare

Last week I wrote that  open-face sandwiches could be served as an appetizer. This sandwich is made with both fresh and smoked salmon. Be sure to use only absolutely fresh salmon for the tartare and be careful not to mash the fresh salmon.                       Smoked […]

Open-face Sandwich with Shrimps and Dill Sprigs

As I wrote last time, I will be making open-face sandwiches for awhile. I believe that Danish Open-face sandwiches differ from other sandwiches because they are so beautiful. Take this Shrimp sandwich with just a sprig of dill and some lemon wedges.  If you take just a few minutes to place each shrimp carefully on the bread and not just toss […]


It is no secret  that I have a passion for Danish Open-face Sandwiches. In fact, I am trying to get a book published in the States about these delicious sandwiches. These sandwiches are unique and not found anywhere else, not even in the neighboring countries of Norway and Sweden until  recently. Now they are popping up […]


Many of the meat open-face sandwiches can be both be a hot main course in the evening and then be served the next day as a cold open-face sandwich. Danish meatballs, also firkadeller in Danish, is one of the most popular evening meal as well as an open-face sandwich. There are many recipes for the meatballs. It […]

Danish Meatloaf (Forloren hare)

It is still cold and the Danes are staying home and enjoying the long winter evenings. It’s dark around 4 in the afternoon, but the days are getting longer. At least 20 minutes. So there is hope ahead.  In the mean time the Danes  tend to eat all the comforting foods of their childhood such as […]


Christmas is over and the Danes are looking forward to a better year. It is cold here in Denmark, maybe snow the next few days and we like to eat warm, thick soup. This soup is both a soup and a main dish and it is severed for guests on cold winter nights.  It is a classic, old, nordisk […]