Salmon Tartare with Arugula and Sour Cream Dressing

I have a soft spot for salmon and serve it as often as I can. It may have been my first love when I came to Denmark. It is easy to work with and filled with all kinds of good things,. It can be cooked, baked, used in sushi, and both cold and warm røget. I […]

Oxtails with Crushed Potatoes

Oxtails are really a winter dish, but the Spring in Denmark is changing daily from cold to warm, and then again back to cold. Yesterday was cold and I felt like eating som comfort food. The Danes would say that comfort food is HYGGE. Hygge time is also about enjoying the food, to focus on […]

What to drink with Open-face Sandwiches

There has been a few days free from work and school for the Danes because of Jesus’ ascension that we celebrate on May 25. Many Danes use this weekend to invite friends over for lunch. Most people will serve beer and snaps/Danish aquavit. I have written about this ritual before in April of 2014, but I […]

Mussels with White Wine, Leeks and Cream

Here is another hyggelig summer dish where you sit outdoors (in your own backyard) enjoying the good weather and hygge with family and friends. After a mild winter in Denmark, mussels can be gather in the low waters of mange coasts. Denmark has very small waves and lots of low waters, so it is pretty easy to find […]

Hygge with Shrimps with Garlic Mayonnaise and Dill Sour Creme

It is so hyggelig to peel your own shrimps. It is summer in a few days here in Denmark; the days are long and the nights are short. Many Danes invite family and friends over for dinner and start with a huge bowl of shrimps, one or two dips, lots of bread and cool white wine, […]

Coconut Cake with Rhubarb Compote

I picked the last of my rhubarb in my garden today and made this cake. The thinner and darker the stems are, the better the rhubarb taste is.  Although, the thin rhubarb of the Spring is the best, I know that there will be more rhubarb  in August and that is just fine with me. […]

Raspberry Squares

Children and adults alike love these raspberry squares and they are easy to make. I make them with my grandchildren. These cookies are good for guests or just when you want to relax and Hygge.                         Raspberry Squares  makes 12-16 cookies 300 gram all-purpose […]

Green Pea Soup Horseradish Cream and Bacon

This pea soup is good appetizer at a dinner party and it is the perfect spring soup.  Use fresh peas that are popping up at the supermarkets and farmers markets right now. They taste fantastic. If you don’t want to make horseradish cream, a large spoon of sour cream can be used. No bacon, different […]

Cod with Nage Sauce

Nage is the term used for a flavored liquid used for poaching  delicate foods, typically seafood. A traditional nage is a broth  flavored with white wine, vegetables, and herbs, in which seafood is poached. The liquid is then reduced and thickened with cream and/or butter. Nage is a French term and refers to cooking in flavored […]

Sautéed Chicken and Radishes, Ramsons and Mustard Sauce

Brief high heat roasting mellows a radish’s peppery flavor and turns it into a whole new root vegetable. Using the green tops adds color and enhances the radish flavor. Ramsons (also known as wild garlic) have garlicky, green flavor that turns mellow with cooking. Chicken now comes in many kinds of cuts and makes a quick everyday […]

Braised Chicken with Cucumber Salad

“Kroer” are traditional country inns, or small hotels, dotted around the countryside in Denmark. In 1283, King Erik Klipping decreed that small hotels or inns, where to be established to accommodate him and his entourage, when he traveled around the country to collect taxes. At the time of the decree, there was to be an inn […]

Lemon Mousse

I call my blog Modern Danish Cooking, but must admit that there are some recipes that the Danes will not stop making. This lemon mousse is a Danish old-fashion classic and has come back to be very popular. This week-end there are confirmations all over the country eating this for dessert. It is a good dessert to serve when three […]

Raw Salmon with Lime, Horseradish and Ramsons

As I have written so many times before, the Danes eat Salmon in all kinds of versions. This one is good as an appetizer. It is raw with a dressing of lime, horseradish and ramsons.  If you don’t have ramsons, chives or another herb can be used. Don’t let the dressing stay to long on the […]

Smoked Salmon with Broccoli and Dill Tart

Tarts are good both for bunch and a light lunch. They can also be served with a salad for dinner and fruit and cheese for dessert. I always make a double portion of the dough and freeze half. This way, I always have a dough ready to bake.                 […]

Asparagus Soup

In the Spring, and again in the Autumn, Danish children around the ages of 13 and 14 get confirmed in their believe in the church, confirming the vows their parents took for them when they were baptized as babies. Or so it has been for many years starting around 1750 by King Christian. Now it […]

Chilled Leek Soup

Here is an easy chilled soup to make in the Spring when the weather is beginning to warm up. Make it early in the day or even a day ahead so the flavors blend and develop. This is a beautiful soup and it can be served as an appetizer  at a fancy dinner party. Leeks have […]

Ragout of Morel Mushrooms and Asparagus with Red Fish

Make this dish in the Spring, when morels, asparagus and new baby carrots are in season. As with so many other ingredients, the season for morels, asparagus and new baby carrots are short and intense. Of course, the ragout should be served with new potatoes.                         […]

Beet Sprouts and Nasturtium Salad with Shaved Hazelnuts

  In the Spring, dandelions and goutweed are popping up in our gradens, fields and forests. And they can be eaten. The early dandelions gives a wonderful feeling of Spring and what is in store for us. It has been cold here in Denmark and the dandelions are just beginning to show up. Dandelions are good in salads, […]