Peaches in Raspberry Sauce

I am not a dessert person, but when it comes to summer, I love anything with fresh fruit. The season is short and intense and we should try to eat fresh fruit at least 2-3 times a week. Basically fruit recipes are easy, require little or no cooking and taste wonderful.         […]

Balsamic Strawberries with Vanilla Crème

Strawberries for dessert is always a hit with both young and old. Now that is it summer, we should eat as many as we can. The season in Denmark is short and although we can buy strawberries from other countries, we Danes believe our strawberries are the best because of the cool temperature and long […]

Elder Flower Drink

When the elder flowers are in full bloom, you know that summer has come to Denmark. The season is short in Denmark, starting right after midsummer night, June 23, and two or three weeks after.  Together with strawberries, elder flower drinks symbolise summer for the Danes. Elder Flower Drink is a  Danish origin but I […]

Spicy Grilled Mackerel in the Harbor

It is easy enough to have a picnic in the harbor where there is a fish monger. Fresh fish can be bought and prepared in the harbor. There are often picnic tables and  small grills are available that  can be easily  transported to the harbor. One can sit and enjoy the fishing boats and sail […]

Grilled Salmon with Dill-Mustard and New Potatoes

Many Danes will be gathering friends and family for a grill party this Friday night, one of the longest nights of the Danish summer, midsummer night. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work if you plan it and make as much as possible the day before. You can make the main dish and […]

Midsummer Night Picnic – Pate with Minced Pork, Ham and Bacon

I married my husband five years ago this month, the 23rd of June, Midsummer Night, the longest day of the year. I choose this day because all of Denmark is celebrating the long summer days and the short nights. Danes, old and young alike, flock to the beachs and parks to see a straw witch […]

Grilled Norway Lobster with Parsley and Dill Cream

Like so many other wonderful foods, the season for Norway lobster, also known as Dublin bay prawn, is short. When you see them at the fishmonger, buy them because next time you come, they may not be there.  Cook them the day before or early in the day and then grill them with parsley for […]

Pan-Fried Cod with a Crust of Panko (Breadcrumbs) and Mushrooms, Parsley Oil and Smoked Cream

This recipe has serveval steps and may seem difficult. Let me assure you that it is not, It can be made in less than a half of an hour. The timing is the most important thing. Start with  parsley oil. It can take a long time to drip though the sieve if you don’t help […]

Licorice Mousse

Danes have a weakness for licorice and eat it not only as candy, but they are now putting it in their food. This mouse is made with not only licorice powder, it is also made with beer. Preferably a dark beer. And of course, lots of heavy, whipped cream. Licorice can be sweet and the […]

Meringue Baskets with Summer Fruit

Summer is here and fruit is filling the markets. Weekend is here and many will be having guests. Here is an easy and super delicious dessets. The baskets can be made the day before and it takes just minutes to arrange with fruit and a spoonful of whipped cream.               […]

Grilled Pork Chops with Leeks and Apples

Denmark is the country that eats the most apples in Europe. In fact, we eat 50 kg (100 lbs.) of apples a year. There are all kinds of apples, new and old, sweet and sour, that can be eaten without any kind of treatment. Then we have apples that are only used for cooking and baking. Apart […]

Grilled Shrimp Salad with Caramelized Garlic, Feta and Olives

When I first came to Denmark many years ago, the Danes where not grilling. After a while, they started to grill but would take their food indoors. Now, almost everyone in Denmark owns a grill and when the weather is right, all the meals are both prepared outdoors and eaten outdoors. Grill is a good way […]

Cold Cucumber Soup with Flowers

Anyone, who can chop vegetables, can make a delicious and filling soup in just a few minutes without using more work than opening  a can or bag of soup. This soup doesn’t even need to be cooked. If you decorate the soup with flowers, a ribbon of cucumber and a drizzle of oil, you have  […]

Strawberries in Pepper Wine Sauce and Vanilja Ice Cream

Strawberries taste best when they are in season. Although they can be bought all year around, it is always a good idea to wait for the strawberry season to start. The Danish strawberries are starting to come into the markets and my family and I eat as many as we can. The most Danish way […]

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ising and Raspberries

There is nothing new or Danish about a chocolate cake. I just made this cake for my birthday and was please with the results, I couldn’t resist sharing it on my blog. This cake is extra high – simple, I made a double portion. (I have a big family).Sweets, baking cakes and cooking are a big part […]