Dining with the Danes- Around Denmark

I wrote this book about Danish food  twenty three years ago. It’s written in English and is meant  for turists and for Danes who have English speaking family and friends that they want to know at little about the Danish food traditions. I am happy to say that they it has been a best seller […]

Sautéed Scallops with Lemon-Caper Vinaigrette

Scallops are expensive and make an impressive appetizer. It is a shame it they get burned.  If you use clarified butter, you can fry the scallops at a very high heat with less risk of burning. You can make a large container and keep it in the refrigerator indefinitely and you will always have it […]

Courgette Fritters – A Summer Delicacy

Deep fried courgette flowers are one of the  best delicacy of the Danish summer. They may be hard to get a hold of, but if you order them at your local framers’ market when they are in season, they are a treat. Female courgette flowers are supposed to be the best. Female flowers are the […]

Omelet with Fried Pork

In the summer, most Danes don’t want to make  time consuming dishes in a hot kitchen, and if they are not grilling in their backyard, they often make an egg dish with lightly salted pork, tomato and chives. Many have vacation and are spending a few days at home just enjoying their free time. A […]

Grilled Giant Mexican Burger

I wrote a few weeks ago that Danes didn’t start to eat burgers until the 1980’s. In fact, Mac Donalds came to Denmark in 1981. They didn’t eat Mexican either. Now, the Danes eat burgers and Mexican food all the time and new variations of burgers  are constantly being composed. Here is a fun burger […]

Pancakes with Buttermilk Mousse, Blackberries, Blueberries and Toasted Nuts

Pancakes are the favorite dessert of Danes. This recipe is made with buttermilk mouse and garnished with blackberries, blueberries and toasted nuts. You can use ice cream if you like in stead of mousse, and garnish with any type of berry or nut.                         […]

Tuna and Salmon Tartare with Lemon Mayonnaise and Horseradish

Raw fish is a popular appetizer. Use only absolutely fresh tuna and salmon. Don’t add the vinaigrette until the last minute because the acid in the vinaigrette will “cook” the fish, turning it opaque and milky-colored.                           Salmon and TunaTartare with Lemon Mayonnaise […]

Chilled Tomato Soup

Tomatoes  and deres products are one of the most used vegetables in the world. They can be eaten raw or prepared in endless variations. Although not a native to Denmark, we produce tomatoes all summer and now the farmers markets and supermarkets are selling them by the boxes. Here is a nice chilled summer soup […]

Bloody Mary with edible flowers

Without even knowing it, many of us have edible flowers in our gradens. If you want to make your summer dinners extra special, you can garnish cakes, soups and salads and even drinks with edible flowers. The flowers that you plan on eating, should  naturally  be free from pesticides and chemicals. Remember, flowers that grow on the […]

Summer’s Best Fruit Pie

Now that it is summer and we have all kinds of fresh and beautiful fruits in our gardens or at the supermarket, it is time to make my favorite pie. Most of the work can be done the day before, make the cream and bake the pie shell. The fruit should be cut into small […]

Tuna Burger with Wasabi-mayonnaise

  In a few days, it will the 4th of July and many, if not all American will be heading for the beaches, parks,  and lakes  to enjoy the 4th. It is not a special day here in Denmark, but there will some people enjoying the long, summer nights with a B.B.Q. Hot dogs and […]

Open-face Sandwich with Ham, Homemade Mayonnaise and Cucumber

If you have some left-over ham, it is very easy to make a quick open-face sandwich with ham, some mayonnaise and  slices of cucumber.                                     Ham Salad Serves 4 Leftover smoked ham makes a good everyday ham salad sandwich […]