Golden and Red Beet Salad

Today is the day I came to Denmark, 50 years ago. I worked as a chambermaid in Copenhagen, I started to write about my experiences in June, 2018. If you would like to read more, check out the bottom of the page and find out what it is like to be a chambermaid in Copenhagen […]

Swedish Meatballs

This dish is Swedish and folk from other parts of the world confuse it with Danish meatballs. We think ours are best, but the Swedish meatballs are also good. Especially with lingonberry preserves. In Denmark we can get them fresh in the Autumn, and, of course, all year long as a preserves. You also buy […]

Cod with Tomatoes and Fennel

After a long summer vacation and two trips to the States, California and New York,  I am back. One of the many things I missed while visiting the States, was fish. Living in a little fishing village in North Sealand, Danmark, the first thing I bought was Cod. We eat a lot of cod in […]