Tournedos with Folie Gras, Red Wine/Truffle Sauce, and Crushed Potatoes

The 3lst of January, known around the world as the last night of the year, New Year’s Eve, and many people all over the world will be celebrating. Celebrating with a nice meal. It is the opinion of most that beef tenderloin is the finest piece of beef and the same cut can be found […]

New Year’s Eve Marzipan Cake- Danish Kransekage

This is the traditional cake the Danes eat on the last day of the year, often drinking Champagne with it. Normally, it is rings formed in conical, and decorated with thin stripes of white glaze. This tradition started in the 1700 century and is used for celebrations. It can be decorated with a figure on […]

Grilled Lobster with Herb/garlic Butter

Christmas is over and now everyone is thinking about New Year’s Eve. I have a few suggestions. One of them is grilled lobster. One of my all time favorite after oysters. Whether you are just two or having guests, it doesn’t have to be a lot of last minute work. You can cook the lobster […]

Christmas Pudding with Hot Cherry Sauce

Today, Sunday the 23rd of December, is “Little Christmas Eve” and many Danes are busy making the last preparations for Christmas Eve, the day they celebrate Christmas with family and friends, dancing around the Christmas tree, opening presents and eating a large meal of duck, pork roast or turkey. Many are making risengrød, rice porridge, […]

Roasted Duck with Pointed Cabbage and Cranberries

Christmas evening is just a few days away and have been preparing for days if not for weeks. The most popular dish is roasted Duck with sugar glazed potatoes and stewed red cabbage. I have done this recipe many times before and, being an American, I like to give a different accompaniment every year. This […]

Aunt Bines Herring

Herring is an absolut must for a Christmas luncheon. There are hundreds of  variations and new ones are constantly composed. Many Danish luncheons start with herring and herring open-face sandwich requires a snaps. The Danish name for aquavit. The one below is perfect with it’s red and green color and  taste of Christmas with cloves. […]

Snaps Cured Salmon

The Danes eat a lot of salmon and one of the best open-face sandwich is made with snaps cured salmon. This sandwich could be eaten with snaps or a glass of white wine.   Salt, Sugar and Snaps Cured Salmon with Fennel and Sour Cream  Makes 8-10    1 lb. salmon filet with skin 3-4 […]

Fiskefilllet with Mayonnaise and Shrimps

A very popular open-face sandwich at a Christmas lunch is fisk fillets . Plaice with its characteristic red spots is the most plentiful fish in Northern Europe.  I know, however, plaice is not found in all parts of the world, so other flat fish can be used. Cod, although is thicker, it is also good.  […]

Vanilla Rings-Vaniljekranse

Vanilla rings are the Classic and most loved Danish cookie. Years ago, this cookie was made with the help of a meat grinder attachment on their  kitchen machine. Not many people have this type of kitchen machine anymore and now  we use a piping bag with a star nozzle. If you can’t buy ground almonds, […]

Christmas Lunch with Open-face Sandwiches

By the time December arrives, the Danes have been celebrating and making preparations for Christmas the whole month of November. Many have already been to a Christmas luncheon, some have been to two or three. The three Fridays before Christmas is usually the firm’s big day for a Christmas luncheon and the weekends are filled […]