Green Asparagus with Egg, Mayonnaise and Danish Caviar

Now is the season for fresh asparagus. Unfortunately, a very short season and they should be eaten as often as possible. Green  asparagus is a shoot from an asparagus plant that is allowed to grow up over the earth and the sun makes them green. White asparagus shoots are covered with dirt to let them grow slower, they will be  longer and thicker.  Therefore more expensive and the tough skin needs to be peeled away with a potato peeler. Because  there can be dirt still on asparagus, it is a good idea to place them in cold water 10 minutes. Move them up and down so the dirt falls off. A little salt and a little nip of sugar improves the taste. If you want to serve them warm, pour off the water and wrap them in a clean dishtowel. If you want to serve them cold, rinse them with cold water and let them dry on a clean dishtowel.

Green Asparagus with Egg, Mayonnaise and Danish Caviar     4 servings as an appetizer

24 green asparges, ½-3/4 cup good mayonnaise, 2-3  hard boiled yolks, 4 tbsp. Danish caviar (lumpfish) or salmon roe, garnish: chervil, dill or parsley

To make asparagus, place them in salted boiling water with a nip of sugar and cook until just tender but still bright green, 2-3 minutes, depending on how thick they are. Stik  in them with a lille, sharp knive. Pour the water off and wrap them in a dishtowel.

To serve, place asparagus on four warmed plates, arrange a spoonful mayonnaise in the middle and a spoonful caviar or roe on top. Garnish with herbs and using a grater, grate hard boiled egg yolks. Serve with a bread of your choice.

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