Fruit Salad in Watermelon

In the summer we have lots of berries and melons. This beautiful melon is an easy and thirst quenching appetizer to set on the table  in the summer warm.

Frugt i Vandmelon























Fruit Salad in Watermelon  Serves 6-8 as an appetizer

1 watermelon (4-6 lb.), juice of a lime, juice of an orange, 2 oz. honey, 1 little melon, such as net melon, Honey melon, cantalouper,  3-4 cups of all kinds of berries, such as strawberry, blackberry, blueberry

Wash the watermelon and draw a line in the middle of the melon. With a sharp knive, following the line, cut in saw tooth pattern all the way around.  Open the melon and with a melon spoon, make small melon balls. When the melon is empty, set both of them in the refrigerator while making the dressing,

Mix the dressing of lime juice, orange juice and honey. Place the melon balls and berries in the dressing and place the bowl in the refrigerator 1 hour or until just before serving.

To serve the fruit salad, set melon on a large platter. It may be necessary to cut the bottom of the watermelon flat so it can stand up. Fill the watermelon with melon balls and berries. Set toothpicks next to the watermelon so each guest can take what they want.

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