Smørrebrød – Herring Tartare with Potatoes

Japan has sushi, Mexico has tacos, Vietnam has bánh mì, even the United States has hamburgers. Denmark has smørrebrød,(schmoer broed)also known as Danish open-face sandwiches. These sandwiches are unique for Denmark and are considered a Danish national specialty. They are recognized as an extraordinary culinary experience. Smørrebrød, Danish open-face sandwiches are not just one piece of bread with whatever you want to put on it. They have a very specific and time-tested combination of food that is not to be contested or fooled with. The garnish is a crucial part of the sandwich, and it is important to decorate the sandwich. Each ingredient of the sandwich plays a part giving the sandwich an extraordinary culinary experience. I have until recently been writing about open-face sandwiches. I would like to refer to these sandwiches with their real name, smørrebrød.












Herring Tartare with Pickled Herring, Capers and Onions Rings and Potatoes

makes 4

2 pickled herring fillets from a jar*

2 tbsp, red,,raw onion rings

2 tbsp. capers

4 slices of buttered dark rye bread

4 small, cooked and peeled potatoes**

To make the herring tartare, cut herring fillet into 1/4 inch dice and combine with onions and capers.

To assemble, slice potatoes in thin slices and place them on each piece of buttered bread. Place the herring tartare on top of the potatoes and sprinkle with pepper.

*Jars of herring can be found in specialty shops in many parts of the world and on the internet. ** The potatoes do not need to be cooked just before lunch, potatoes from the day before are fine. Make sure that they are not cold from the refrigerator.

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