Hot Smoked Salmon with Egg Yolk, Radishes and Chives

Most people know and love smoked salmon.   When I talk about  smoked salmon, I mean cold smoked salmon. It is smoked over wood chips for twenty-four  hours at a temperature of 37° C (99°F). It is quite popular in Denmark and Europe and is servered as an appetizer for many dinner parties and special occasions. Now we can get hot smoked salmon. It is also smoked over wood chips, but with a higher temperature than cold smoked and for a shorter time of about four hours. Hot smoked salmon is cooked where cold  smoked salmon is more raw. Either way, they are both delicious. This sandwich is usually made with smoked herring, but hot smoked salmon tastes equally good. Hot smoked salmon is a Danish specialty but can be found in other parts of the world at specialty shops or on the internet.





























Hot Smoked Salmon with Egg Yolk, Radishes and Chives 

Makes 2 

5 oz. hot smoked salmon 

2 slices of buttered dark bread 

2 lettuce leaves 

4 tbsp. grated radishes 

4 tbsp. minced chives 

2 egg yolks* or 2 past. egg yolk 

salt and pepper 

To assemble, divide salmon on buttered bread. Place grated radishes to the left of the center and place minced chives to the right of the center. Make place for the egg yolk in the middle and drop egg yolk inside or place half egg shell with egg yolk in it in the middle. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

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