Blue Cheese wtih Egg Yolk

Cheese can always be eaten to finish a meal instead of a dessert. There is a large variety of Danish cheese to be found in many parts of the world, such as Havarti, camembert, brie and 3-4 varieties of blue cheese making it easy to make Danish open-face sandwiches. This is one of my favorit sandwiches to finish a meal with.





















Blue Cheese with Egg Yolk

If you prefer not to eat raw onions, save the half egg shell, scold it with very hot water and place egg yolks in it. Push the shell into the cheese to make sure it won’t fall over before serving the sandwich.

Makes 4 

4 slices of buttered rye bread 

5-6 oz. Danish Blue cheese  

4 slices of raw onion rings 

4 egg yolks 

To assemble, cut cheese in slices ¼ inch thick and place on each piece of buttered bread. Place an onion ring in the middle of each piece and drop an egg yolk into it.

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