Egg and Black “Caviar”

There are numerous variations of open-faced sandwiches with eggs, and new ones are constantly being composed. Eggs are often used as garnish, but they can also be the main ingredient in open-face sandwiches. Hard boiled, fried, poached, scrambled and even raw eggs yolks are often found as key ingredients in both every day and party sandwiches. Hard boiled eggs can be halved, quartered or sliced creating a different and beautiful sandwich each time. Hard boiled eggs can be sliced with a knife or an egg cutter which can be bought in many supermarkets in the kitchen section. Eggs on top of eggs may be seem a bit strange, but is a very popular sandwich. One always has eggs in the house and with a jar of “Danish Caviar” in the pantry, one can always make a nice sandwich in just a few minutes.












Open-face Sandwich with Egg with Black Caviar 

This sandwich is made with eggs cut into wedges. You will need two 

for and therefore it is a bit more filling. 

Makes 4 

8 eggs, hard boiled, peeled 

4 slices of buttered dark rye bread 

4 lettuce leaves 

1 small jar of caviar* 

Garnish:Cress or another herb 

To assemble, cut eggs into wedges and place them on each piece of buttered bread covered with a lettuce leaf. Divide caviar onto each piece and garnish with cress or another herb. 

*Roe from different kinds of fish, such as lumpfish, paddlefish or hackleback roe can be bought in small jars at specialties shops or on the internet. Salmon roe can be bought fresh in many parts of the world. It can also be bought in jars.

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