Shrimp Salad with Asparagus and “Danish Caviar”

Yesterday I wrote about the fresh Danish Lumpfish Caviar. I know that it can’t be found fresh in other countries, but it can be found in jars. Here is an easy and delicious shrimp sandwich that can be decorated with red Danish Lumpfish Caviar. Red, black and even green caviar can be bought in many different supermarkets in many countries and, of course, it can be bought on the internet. If you make this sandwich a bet smaller, it makes a wonderful appetizer.













Shrimp Salad with Asparagus and “Danish Caviar”

Makes 4 

1½ cup (5 oz.) baby shrimp or bay shrimp 

1½ cup canned white asparagus 

½ cup of mayonnaise 

1 tbsp. ketchup

1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 pinch of ground chili powder

salt and freshly ground white pepper

4 slices white bread, toasted or plain

4 lettuce leaves of lettuce

Garnish: 2 tbsp. “caviar”*optional or shrimps and asparagus 

To make salad, if using frozen shrimp, defrost and thoroughly pat dry shrimp. Remove asparagus from water, place on a paper towel and gently pat dry. It is important to remove as much liquid from shrimp and asparagus as possible to avoid a wet shrimp salad. Cut asparagus into bite size pieces. In a small bowl add mayonnaise, ketchup, lemon juice and chili powder and stir. Save some shrimps and asparagus for garnish if not using Danish caviar and add the rest to mayonnaise mixture and gently mix to combine.

To assemble, place salad on white bread covered with a leaf of lettuce. Divide salad among bread and garnish with caviar if using or garnish with shrimps and asparagus.

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