Smoked Salmom with Shrimps and Danish Caviar

The weather is warm in Denmark, at least it has been for the last few weeks. In fact, we had the hottest day in May ever  recorded last  month. 85°. That is a totally unheard high for Denmark. It may not seem like a very high temperature for many, but for the Danes, it’s high. We don’t cook and some of us don’t even grill. We like to eat our cold open-face sandwiches. This is one of my favorite and so easy. I never get tried of eating seafood and now that the Danish Caviar season is over, we can buy it in small jars. I do believe that it can in most parts of the world. If not, try the internet. Our Danish caviar is normally a light pink color, but some people have colored it black. I guess it is to try to look the black caviar from Russia or Iran. In my opinion, it taste better, and it is not so expensive.  One of my American friend once told me that open-face sandwiches would never be popular in the States. She said that you have to use a knife and a fork to eat it. That makes me sad. These sandwiches are so wonderful and I can’t seem to understand that kind of thinking. I hope you try these sandwiches, even if you have to use a knife and a fork.












Smoked Salmon with Shrimps and Danish Caviar

Serves 4

4 slices of buttered sour dough bread or white bread

4-8 slices of freshly smoked salmon, depending on their size

2-3 oz. shrimps

2-3 oz. black Danish Caviar

4 tbsp. mayonnaise

Garnish: freshly ground pepper

To assemble, place 1-2 slices of salmon on each piece of buttered bread. Place shrimps on one side of the salmon and spoon caviar on the other side. Spoon mayonnaise down the middle of the sandwich.

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