Open-face Sandwich with Smoked Mackerel Salad

I am so lucky to live close to a fishing village and the fishmonger  smokes both salmon, eel, herring and mackeral two times a week. This sandwich can be made both with herring and mackerel, sometimes a combination of both. Herring has so many bones in it and is very time consuming to clean, so I prefer smoked mackerel when making this sandwich. It may  be hard to find fresh smoked mackerel in other parts of the world, but a can of smoked mackerel can be used.












Open-face Sandwich with Smoked Mackerel Salad 

Makes 6-8  

1 smoked mackerel 

2 hardboiled eggs, diced 

5 tbsp. mayonnaise 

3-4 radishes, minced 

1 bunch chives, minced 

salt and freshly ground pepper 

6-8 slices of dark rye bread, butter optional 

Garnish:Additional radishes and chives, minced

How to skin mackerel. The mackerel should be room temperature before skinning. Cut off head and tail fin. Split mackerel open and remove bones. Remove smoke darkened meat on lower part of the fish by scraping the meat away from the fish. There will also be a lot of fine bones here. 

Turn fish over and place it skin-side up. Carefully peel skin off, starting at the tail. Break fish into smaller pieces.

To make salad, combine fish, eggs, mayonnaise, diced radishes and chopped chives in a bowl. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

To assemble, arrange salad on bread and garnish with additional minced radishes and chives.

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