Beet Sprouts and Nasturtium Salad with Shaved Hazelnuts


In the Spring, dandelions and goutweed are popping up in our gradens, fields and forests. And they can be eaten. The early dandelions gives a wonderful feeling of Spring and what is in store for us. It has been cold here in Denmark and the dandelions are just beginning to show up. Dandelions are good in salads, soups and finely chopped, sprinkled over mashed potatoes. When gathering  Dandelions, cut the plant with a sharp knive under the dirt, so all of the leaves are still sitting on the roots. Clean them just before making a salad or using them in a soup. Rense them free for dirt and dry them carefully. Pluck just the små leaves and not leaves from the year before. Don’t use the large dandelion leaves. Be sure that the dandelions, goutweeds and other weeds are not from the side of the road where cars drive by every day. They can be poisoned by the exhaust from the passing cars. Whatever greens you find in your garden or at the market will be perfect in this salad. The idea is use any salad types or eatable weeds you like. If you use dandelions from your garden, they should be new, small shoots and not the large old ones. Goutweed can also be used. Be sure and rinse them thoroughly and dry them carefully before using.


































Beet Sprouts and Nasturtium Salad with Shaved Hazelnuts

4 salad servings


½ cup rapeseed oil

2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

kosher salt


2 heads Bibb lettuce/butter lettuce

1 cup mixed dandelions and goutweed  

1 cup nasturtium leaves

1 cup blood bull leaves (optional)

1 cup beet sprouts  


5 blanched hazelnuts

To make the dressing, whisk oil and lemon juice in a bowl. Season with salt.

To make the salad, arrange lettuce, parsley, nasturtium leaves, blood bull leaves and beet sprouts on serving platter; spoon dressing over and sprinkle with shaved hazelnuts.

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