Strawberries in Pepper Wine Sauce and Vanilja Ice Cream

Strawberries taste best when they are in season. Although they can be bought all year around, it is always a good idea to wait for the strawberry season to start. The Danish strawberries are starting to come into the markets and my family and I eat as many as we can. The most Danish way to eat strawberries is with heavy cream. There is no real recipe in strawberries with cream, so I  would like to make more strawberries recipes over the next few days. Remember, when you clean the strawberries, leave the little green leaves them when you run them quickly under water. If you take the green parts off and then rense them, they will become watery. If the strawberries appear clean, it isn’t necessary to run under water. After you buy them, or pluck them your selv, don’t put them in the refrigerator if you are going to eat them the same evening. If you are going to eat them the next day, take them out of the refrigerator a few hours before you eat them.  The best way to enjoy strawberries is direct from the plant. They taste of sun and summer.





















Strawberries in Pepper Wine Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream

Serves 6

1½ cups of red wine (Caberne Sauvignon

6 tbsp. sugar

1 vanilla bean, split

1½ tbsp. corn flour

freshly ground black pepper

1 tbsp. butter

1½ lbs. strawberries

1 portion of vanilla ice cream

To make the strawberries, come 1 cup of red wine, sugar and vanilla bean in a medium saucepan and bring to a boil.  Let cool and remove the vanilla bean from the syrup. Using the tip of a blunt knife, scrape the vanilla bean seeds into the syrup. Come the corn flour in the rest of the wine and after stirring, add it to the warm wine mixture.

Melt the butter in a large pan and heat the strawberries 1 minute over low heat. Add the wine sauce and pepper and bring to a boil. As soon as the sauce boils, remove from the heat.

To serve, divide the strawberries into four bowls and come a large spoonful of ice cream in the middle. Garnish with freshly ground pepper.

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