Spicy Grilled Mackerel in the Harbor

It is easy enough to have a picnic in the harbor where there is a fish monger. Fresh fish can be bought and prepared in the harbor. There are often picnic tables and  small grills are available that  can be easily  transported to the harbor. One can sit and enjoy the fishing boats and sail boats sail by while the grill is warming up. Flutes can be prepared at home and transported to the harbor where they can be warmed on the grill.





















Spicy Grilled Mackerel  with Avocado-Salsa  Serves 4

1 green chili

1 glove garlic, finely chopped

2 spsk dry vermouth

juice of a lime

juice of a orange

1 tsp. thyme or 1/4 tsp. dried

1/4 tsp. allspice

To make the marinade, halvere the chilis, remove the seeds and chop them. Mix the chilis, garlic, vermouth, limejuice, thyme and allspice in a plastic box. Tag it with you to the harbor.

At the harbor, preheat the grill.

When you buy the fish, ask the fisk monger to remove the bones and rense the fish. Place the fish in the marinade and when the grill is ready, about a halv hour, the fish will be ready to grill. Take the fish up, and throw the marinade away. Grill the mackerel 10-15 minutes.

Flutes with Garlic Butter serves 4

2 large flutes

3 oz. soft butter

3-4 garlic cloves

1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tbsp. finely chopped parsley

To make the flutes, cut 6-8 places in the flutes. Be careful not to cut all the way through. Stir the butter with garlic, garlic powder and parsley. Place a tbsp. of butter-mixture in the openings of flutes and wrap them in folie. Place the flutes in the refrigerator until they should be grilled. Place the  flutes  on the grill and warm them 10 minutes. Turn them  once in a while.

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