Elder Flower Drink

When the elder flowers are in full bloom, you know that summer has come to Denmark. The season is short in Denmark, starting right after midsummer night, June 23, and two or three weeks after.  Together with strawberries, elder flower drinks symbolise summer for the Danes. Elder Flower Drink is a  Danish origin but I am sure there are many elder flowers in many parts of the world. There are many things you can make with these fantastic flowers. Syrups, jams, sorbets and especially a juice made from these blossoms are quite popular and together with white wine or tonic water, or even just water, they make a wonderful summer drink.
























Elder Flower Drink 

40 large  clusters of elder flowers, stems removed

2 lemons, cut into wedges and some of the juice has been pressed out

3 oz. citric acid*

1qt.  water

2 lbs. sugar

To make elder flower juice ,cook   lemons, sugar, citric acid and  water in a large pot and pour over the flowers. Let the mixture stand 2-3 days in a cool place, covered.   Strain the mixture  into hot sterilized bottles or jars. The juice should be in the refrigerator and can keep 30-40 days.

To serve, 1 part elder flower juice to 2-3 parts water or tonic. For a welcome drink, white wine can be used in stead of water.

*Citric Acid comes in a powder form and can be bought in the canning section. It is often located near the pectin and other canning ingredients and materials. Also, look for citric acid under the name sour salt in the kosher section or in the spice aisle. Can also be ordered on-line.

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