Dining with the Danes- Around Denmark

I wrote this book about Danish food  twenty three years ago. It’s written in English and is meant  for turists and for Danes who have English speaking family and friends that they want to know at little about the Danish food traditions. I am happy to say that they it has been a best seller here in Denmark and sometimes could be bought on Amazon.

Food is an important part of the Danish culture as in all cultures. Danes prefer to eat their evening meal together with members of their immediate family. Like other nations Danes eat specific dishes on special occasions. The most important thing for most of the Danes is, the food tastes good. Maybe like their mothers made it when they were growing up. After that, it is important the food is healthy and nutritious.  The products they use in their every day preparations and in special dinners should  take care to protect the environment or be  made  with ingredients that can be found in Denmark.

Now it is time to write a new, improved version with lots of new pictures of the food, traditions and new pictures of our beautiful Denmark. Therefore, I must take a break from my blog and concentrate on the new book. I hope that I will be back by the first of September. The new book will have the same name, DINING WITH THE DANES AROUND DENMARK  and will be on the market in Denmark in March, 2018.

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