Grillet Veal with Asparagus and Blue Cheese Sauce

Summer is here and we all want to be in the garden grilling. Hot dogs and burgers are fine, we want something special once in a while.

Veal, Asparagus and Blue Cheese Sauce

Serves 4

8 very thin slices of veal

16 spears of asparagus

8 slices of dry cured ham

2 tbsp. olive oil

Blue Cheese Sauce:

2 tbsp. butter

1½ tbsp. flour

½ cup/1/4 dl white wine

3 oz./90 grams blue cheese

½ tsp. salt

fresh ground pepper

Pasta with lemon and parsley:

1 lb./16 oz.  fresh pasta or ½ lb./8 oz. dry pasta

green olives

chopped parsley

1 tbsp. lemon juice

2 tbsp. olive oil

3 tbsp. butter

Prepare a fire in a charcoal grill or preheat a gas grill.

To make veal and asparagus, season veal slices with salt and pepper. Place a piece of folie over them, and pound them meget thin with a meat hammer. Rense and cook asparagus i let saltet water 3 minutes. Place a slice of cured ham and two asparagus on each piece of veal and roll them into a tube. Fasten them with a toothpick and brush them with olive oil.  Brush the grill with oil and grill the veal/asparagus 3-4 minutes depending on how thick they are.

To make sauce, melt butter  in a sauce pan and stir flour in. Add wine and milk a little at a time. Cook sauce 5 minutes and stir blue cheese in. Season with salt and pepper.

To make pasta, cook the pasta in let salted water according to the package instructions. Combine pasta with olive, parsley, lemon juice, olive oil and butter.

To serve, place veal and asparagus on top of the pasta and pour blue cheese sauce over.

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