Swedish Lax budding – Salmon with Dill Potatoes

This dish is a traditional Swedish dish,  but there are many Danes who like it. I was taught how to make this dish by my Swedish gril friend and it  has become an all time favorite of my family  and friends. This version is made with salt-suger cured salmon, but it tastes just as good made  with cold smoked salmon or raw, sautéed salmon. It is served with melted butter.















Swedish Lax Pudding


1½ lb.  salmon fillet skin on, pin bones removed

2 oz. course sea salt

1 tbsp. brown sugar

zest of a lemon

20 black pepper corns crushed

Salmon pudding

1½ lb. potatoes

5  eggs

1½ cups heavy cream

1-2 large onion sliced thinly

3 oz. butter

1 brunch of dill,  roughly chopped

white pepper from the mill

sea salt

To make salted salmon, In a bowl, combine the sugar, pepper, salt and lemon zest and cover the salmon fillet with it.  Cure the salmon for at least 24 hours, then remove the excess salt/sugar mixtures, and wash the fillets with cold water.

To make lax pudding, butter an oven proof baking dish well with some of the butter. Soak the salted salmon in water (or alternatively in milk for at least 4 hours, to draw out the salt. Remove the salmon from the liquid, and remove the skin and pat dry very well with a kitchen towel. Slice thin into approximately 5 cm (½ inch) slices. Boil the potatoes in salt water until soft but still firm, drain and let them cool. Peel after cooling and slice into the same thickness as the salmon. Sautee the sliced onions over low in the remaining butter until soft. Don’t let them brown.
To assemble, layer the onions, salmon and potatoes into the baking dish starting with the potatoes, sprinkling each layer generously with the chopped dill and freshly ground white pepper from the mill. Finish the top with another layer of potato slices. In a bowl, beat the eggs lightly then add the cream, chopped dill and lightly season the mixture with salt. Pour the mixture over the layered potatoes and salmon until just covered and add a few spoonfuls of butter on top. Bake in a preheated oven at 160 C ( 320 F) for approximately 45 minutes or until the Lax pudding is baked through, the egg mixture has set and has a golden brown crust over the top.
Suggested accompaniment,  warm melted butter is served on the side to accompany the dish, lemon butter sauce or dill cream sauce are good alternatives although

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