Duck Breast with Horseradish/ Apple Mash and Vegetables

Horseradish is the North’s counterpart to chili and ginger. It has a sharp and intense taste of mustard that adds loads of flavor to dishes in the cold winter months. Studies have shown that horseradish stimulates fullness. Therefore, we tend to eat les. Apples are pouring in at the supermarket and farmers market. The horseradish  gives the mild apple mash a piff. Be careful not to use too much. 




















Duck Breast with Horseradish/Apple Mash

4 servings

4 apples, peeled,cored and cut into wedges

1-2 tbsp. sukker

2-3 tbsp. water

2-3 tbsp. grated horseradish

4 (8-9 oz.) duck breasts


1-2 tbsp. oil

½ cauliflower, broken into florets 

4 small carrots, peeled and cut into smaller pieces if they are large

 ½ pointed cabbage, shredded


To make apple mash, place apples, sukker and water into a pot and cook over medium-low heat stirring the whole time. Cool, season with more sugar and stir 1 tbsp. horseradish in. Taste the mash and if you like, add 1 or 2 tbsp. more horseradish. Be careful, don’t add all the horseradish at one time.  

To make duck breasts, trim of any extra skin and score fat in a cross-hatch pattern. Heat a large sauté skillet over high heat until hot, add duck, skin side down, and cook for 8-10 minitues,(depending on thickness of breast.) Turn duck over, and cook 5–8 min. Remove duck from heat and let rest 3 min.

To make vegetables, heat oil and add first the carrots, fry 1-2 minutes, then add cauliflower and fry 1-2 minutes and then all pointed cabbage and fry 1-2 minutes more, stirring the whole time. Season with salt, pepper and timian.

To assemble, slice duck, and place on 4 varm plates and place a large spoonful of horseradish/apple mash on the plate together with 2-3 spoonfuls of vegetables.

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