Pan Cakes with Clementine and Walnuts

Place a pan cake in the sauce and place a spoonful of Clementine/Walnuts on one side of pan cake and fold twice. Scoop sauce over the pan cakes and if you wish, you can flamber the pan cakes.

Pan cakes are always popular as a dessert. This recipe is easy. You can make the pan cakes the day before and you can make the sauce in the morning and just heat them up when you wish to serve them.


























Pan Cakes with Clementine and  Walnuts 

approx. 12 pancakes


1 cup (120 g) flour

1 tsp. sugar tsp. salt

3 eggs

2 cups (8 fl. oz.) milk

grated peel of 1 lemon

3 tbsp. beer or water

butter for frying

Orange Sauce with Clementine and Walnuts:

10 clementine, peeled  

2 tbps. butter

2 tbsp. honey

6 tbsp. chopped walnuts

juice of 2 oranges

juice of 1 lemon

10 clementine, peeled

To make pancakes, combine flour, sugar, salt and grated lemon peel. Beat eggs and mix them with flour mixture and a little of the milk. Whisk in the rest of the milk together with beer or water, and beat until smooth.

Pour a little of the batter onto a well greased frying pan and tilt so that batter quickly covers the bottom of the pan evenly. Cook until golden brown on one side, turn and cook the other side.

To make orange sauce, melt butter on a large frying pan, add honey and stir until sauce begins to be golden. Add the chopped walnuts, stir, and then add juices of oranges and lemon. Add clementine and a few drops of cognac in hvis you wish to flamber the pan cakes when the sauce is warm.


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