Christmas Lunch with Open-face Sandwiches, Beer and Snaps

Inns or small hotels dot the countryside of Denmark. In 1283, King Erik Klipping decreed that small hotels or inns, where to accommodate him when he traveled around the country to collect taxes. At the time of the decree, there was to be an inn every 40 kilometers on major highways. Many of the places that are still here date back several centuries.

Now local residents use them when they have large family parties such as weddings and funeral receptions, for christenings and confirmations. And for Christmas luncheons. 

They are often found in authentic picture-postcard settings, in villages, surrounded by churches and windmills. Naturally, good food is a large part of the inn experience. Many serve traditional, regional dishes, while others are closer to superb haute cuisine, Michelin-starred gourmet dining.





















Christmas Luncheon with  Open-face Sandwiches, Beer and Snaps

Smoked Salmon with Asparagus

It must be either served on sour dough bread or white bread and never on rye bread.

Makes 4

8 small white or green asparagus, trimmed or 8 -12 asparagus from a jar, depending on their size

4 lettuce leaves

4 slices of buttered sour dough or white bread

4-8 slices of freshly smoked salmon


freshly ground black pepper

To make asparagus, cook them in let salted water 2-3 minutes for the green, 6-8 minutes for the white asparagus depending on the size. Transfer to a paper towel. Pat them gently dry.

To assemble, place 1-2 slices of salmon on each piece of buttered bread covered with a lettuce leave. Place 1-2 pieces of asparagus in the middle of salmon. If using asparagus from a jar make sure they are patted dry. If all the water is not removed, it will ruin the sandwich. Sprinkle with black pepper.

Egg and Shrimp Sandwich

Makes 4

6 – 8 hard boiled eggs, peeled

4 lettuce leaves

4 slices of white buttered bread  

2 tbsp. good mayonnaise

12 oz. cooked baby shrimp


dill or cress

To assemble, cut eggs into even slices with an egg slicer or

knife. Arrange slices of egg on each piece of buttered bread

covered with lettuce and place a spoonful of mayonnaise on top.

Arrange shrimps on top of egg slices and garnish with cress or

dill sprigs.

The Veterinarian’s Evening Sandwich 

4 slices of dark rye bread

4 oz. liver pate 

4 tsp. butter

4 slices jellied consommé 


8 slices of salted veal (see recipe below)

8-12 slices of raw red onion rings

Cress or sprigs of dill

To assemble, spread 1 tsp. herbed fat, if using, or butter on each piece of dark rye bread. Place one thick slices of liver pate on each piece of bread, two or three slices of salted veal on top of pate and a strip of jellied consommé on top of meat.  Garnish with rings of raw onions and cress or dill.

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