Christmas Crullers “Klejner” in Danish

Today is the first day of December and Danes all over the country are lighting their Calendar candles. The candle is marked with 24 numbers and the idea is that the candle should burn a little each day. When the number reaches 24, it should be Christmas Eve the 24th of December.  Christmas Eve is the day that Danes celebrate Christmas with a traditional Christmas dinner, (more on that later) and exchange Christmas presents.  As I wrote yesterday, there is also a Calendar for children with small windows that are opened every day until it is Christmas Eve. The children jump out of bed every morning to see what they have gotten on their calendars. It could be raisins, candy or a small package. This way, even the small children can see how many days are left before Christmas Eve.


























Christmas Crullers


2 eggs

½ lb. (225g)flour

3 oz. (90 g) sugar

1½ tbsp. heavy cream

2½ oz. (70 g) melted butter

Grated rind of 1 lemon

Fat or oil for frying

To make the dough, combine egg, flour, sugar, cream, butter and grated rind int a dough. Let dough rest 1 hour or more.

To form the crullers, roll dough thinly out on a lightly dusted work surface and cut long narrow strips, 12 cm (5 inches) x 2.5 (inch) with slanting ends. Make a slit in the center of each strip, put one of the ends through the slit, making a knot in the center. Fry in hot deep fat until light brown and drain on papir. Do not allow to crullers to touch each other while frying.

























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