Oysters and Champagne

This is my New Year’s dinner, oysters and Champagne. Enjoy! I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!























To open oysters, open oysters with an oyster’s knife, insert the tip of the knife into the “hinge” and twist the edge of the knife to pry open it open. Run the knife under the oyster on the bottom of the shell to release it. It is always a good idea to hold a dishtowel between you hand and the oyster in order to protect your hand. Be sure each oyster to insure yourself that they are fresh.  If you want to prepare many oysters at one time, or you are not sure how to open an oyster, place them in the microwave oven. It is okay to place them on top of each other. Give them 30-40 seconds with high heat and they will open. 

A squeeze of lemon or a drop of Tabasco is all you need to eat these delicious oysters!

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