Smushi is a contraction of the Danish word `smørrebrød´,meaning open-face sandwiches – the traditional Danish lunch menu, and the Japanese `sushi´. Smushi is a combination of classical Danish dishes made from seasonal produce, but served in delicate, aesthetically presented portions the size of sushi.   Smushi is not a fusion of ingredients and flavors, but an authentic presentation of traditional Danish foods in a smaller portions that allows you to taste a variety of small dishes in one meal. There is no raw fish, no rice or other Japanese ingredients. They are perfect for appetizers, canapés at a party and they are also good as a lunch.













After buttering smaller pieces of bread, make these sushi just as you would smørrebrød (open-face sandwich.)

The first sushi is a sausage of minced pork, bouillon and spices. On top of the sausage  red cabbage salad with apples slices.

The next one is  marinated herring with half of a hard-boiled egg, red onion rings, capers* and cress.

The   smushi in the front is roast beef, pickles, grated horseradish, cress and fried onions.

The last smushi is a sardine in oil, an egg slice, mayonnaise, a tiny slice of lemon, and shrimps.

If you would like more ideas for Smushi, look under open-face sandwiches here on my blog.

*Capers, flower buds with lots of taste, must be picked before dawn, so that the flower don´t open ( fold out.) Just like olives, they cannot be eaten without marinating.

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