Pork Chops with Winter Vegetables and Nutmeg

This weekend is my husband’s birthday and I thought I would give him an extra special dinner. He choose pork chops, one of his  favorites, and rum mousse. Here the pork chop dish and the rum mousse will be on blog later this week. .
















 Pork Chop with  Winter Vegetables and Nutmeg

Serves 2


6-8 Madagascar pepper corn

4 tbsp. finely chopped parsley

1  finely chopped shallot

rated rind of a half  lemon

2 tbs. rapeseed oil

1 glove garlic


2  pork chops, all fat and bones removed

salt and freshly ground pepper

3  tbsp. butter


1 lb. (455 grams) root vegetables such as parsnips, celery,

1 leek, trimmed and washed thoroughly to remove grit

a handful kale*


To make dressing, mash pepper corns with a knive and combine them with the chopped parsley,  chopped shallot, 1 tbsp. water,   grated lemon rind  and oil. Come pressed garlic in and season with salt and pepper.   Set aside.

To make vegetables, clean and cut all the vegetables and them them into smaller pieces. Cook them in let salted water 2-3 minutes and take them up and lay them them on a paper towel.

To make pork chops, sprinkle with salt and pepper, melt  butter in a medium skillet over high heat and quickly brown the meat on each side, 1 minutes. Reduce the heat and cook 3-4 minutes, depending on the thickness of  pork chops.  Transfer the pork chops to warm plates and come the  vegetables back into  the pan and fry 1-2 minutes.. Add a little more butter if needed.   Season with salt and pepper. Tear the kale into small pieces and stir them into the vegetables.

To serve, place the vegetables on the plate next to the pork chop and grate nutmeg over.

Suggested accompaniments: mashed or boiled potatoes.

*There are many types of kale to choose from. Dinosaur kale, also known as Lacinato, Tuscan, black, or cavolo nero, is most tender.  Red Russian kale is slightly sweet. Denmark has mostly curly kale. The entire stem needs to be cut out of the leaf before cooking. Chopped stems can be eaten but need extra time to cook.

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