Caviar of the North – Lumpfish Roe

Lumpfish roe, the Danish caviar, is in season right now. The roe of lumpfish is quite popular in Denmark and is considered the caviar of the North. The season is  short. However, it can be frozen and enjoyed all year around. The season  starts around the middle of February and if we are lucky, it can last until May, sometimes June. I like to make lots of blinis, freeze them, and heat them up  when I want a nice appetizer. If you can’t get lumpfish roe, salmon roe and paddlefish roe is also good. Smoked salmon is just as good. In Denmark, lumpfish roe is often put into small jars and can be bought all year around. Sometimes it can be black or even green. It is, of course, best fresh in the spring. Danish lumpfish roe can be bought on the internet and in many shops around the world.

Lumpfish roe, can also be a delicious ingredient in many other recipes. In today’s recipe, I hardboiled 4 eggs and then removed the yolks. I grated the yolks over the finished dish and garnished with cress.












Lumpfish Roe, Hard-boiled Eggs and Garlic Mayonnaise

Serves 4

4 hard-boiled eggs

3-4 oz. (90-120 grams) lumpfish roe


Makes 2 cups

2 fresh yolks or 1 whole egg*

4 tsp. vinegar

1 tbsp. Dijon Mustard

1/4 tsp. salt

Pinch of freshly ground white pepper

1 tbsp. freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 cup corn/rapeseed oil

2 garlic cloves, pressed

garnish; cress or parsley

To make, season the lumpfish roe with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

To make mayonnaise, combine egg/whites, vinegar, mustard, salt , white pepper and lemon juice. Process until blended. With the machine running, slowly add the oil in a thin stream and process until emulsified. Stir in the garlic.

To assemble, place 1-2 spoonfuls of lumpfish roe on 4 plates. Place a spoonful of garlic mayonnaise in the middle of the roe. Crumble or grate an egg yolk over each plate. Garnish with cress or chopped parsley.

Homemade  mayonnaise is always best, especially if the mayonnaise is made with rapeseed oil, which turns the mayonnaise a beautiful shade of yellow. If you do use store bought mayonnaise, be sure it is a good one. Be sure that all ingredients are at room temperature and add oil very slowly in a thin stream. A food processor is a great tool for making mayonnaise.
*Mayonnaise can be made with both yolks and whites of an egg. It will be lighter and not quite as rich in taste.

Suggested accompaniment: toasted slices of white bread.

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