Open-face Sandwich Tartare with Egg Yolk

Spring has arrived along with the long summer nights. Now the days are longer than the nights. The brown and gray fields are starting to change colors. The rasps fields are so amazingly yellow; they almost blind you. New and fresh vegetables are popping up at the markets. The animals that have been indoors all winter are again appearing in the field almost jumping for joy with the sight of all the green grass. Confirmations, weddings, and christenings are taking place all over the country. Danes are again enjoying outdoor life. Cafes and restaurants set tables and chairs out on the sidewalks, and the Danes are stopping to enjoy lunch or maybe just a cup of coffee with pastry.   

































Beef Tartare with Egg yolk, Capers, Horseradish)

Here is the most common one in Denmark. If you can’t find freshly minced beef in the market, ask the butcher to make it for you. Or you can make it yourself with a sharp knife.  

1 lb. beef filet, freshly minced

4 slices of butter rye bread

1 small onion, finely minced

4 egg yolks*

4 tbsp. capers

4 tbsp. grated horseradish

freshly ground pepper


To make, place the whole filet in freezer 30 min. before using. It makes it easier to work with.  Scrape meat with a very sharp knife, along the length of the muscle tissue, so you get fine, long segments of meat. Ensure there are no sinews in the finished tartare.

To assemble, shape meat into 4 square shaped patties and place them on each piece of buttered dark rye bread. Divide minced onions, capers and grated horseradish among the patties. Make place in the center of each patty and drop an egg yolk in the center or place an small pile of salt on the serving dish and arrange egg yolk in a sterilize half egg shell. One can also use pasteurized egg yolks.      

Sprinkle with freshly ground pepper.

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