Smoked Herring with Egg Yolk, Radises and Chives -Sol over Gudhjem

Smoking is an old  metode, dating back to the year 6000 b.c., to keep fish and meat longer. The little town of Bornholm was once famous for it’s smoked herring, mackerel and salmon and  had  at one time 135 places that smoked fish. Now there are about 60 buildings that have been saved from destruction, but not all of them are used. That doesn’t mean that we can’t get smoked fish because lots of other places in Denmark have started smoking fish and some even export herring, mackerel and, of course, salmon. We are so lucky to have two places in our little fisher town that smokes twice times a week. We can always get fresh smoked fish, even el, but that is another story.  This open-face sandwich is one of my all time favorit  sandwichs. It originates from the little fisher town of Bornholm. It is a holiday island 132 kilometers east of the mainland.

Recipe and picture comes from my book Dining with the Danes- 100 recipe

























Smoked Herring with Egg Yolk, Radishes, and Chives

Sun over Gudhjem, a little fisher town on the Island of Bornholm,

Makes 2

5 oz. (150 g) smoked herring

2 slices of buttered dark bread

2 egg yolks

* or 2 past. egg yolk

4 tbsp. diced radishes

4 tbsp. minced chives

salt and pepper

How to skin herring, herring should be room temperature before skinning. Cut off head and tail fin. Split it open and remove bones, all of them. Place it skin-side up. Carefully peel skin off, starting at the tail. Turn herring over and lift the bones out carefully.

To assemble, arrange fillet on dark buttered bread. Place radishes to the left of the center and place minced chives to the right of the center. Make a place for the egg yolk in the middle and drop egg yolk inside or place half egg shell with egg yolk in it in the middle. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

*If you prefer not to use a raw egg yolk, chopped hard-boiled egg is also nice.


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