Grilled Lobster with Herb/garlic Butter

Christmas is over and now everyone is thinking about New Year’s Eve. I have a few suggestions. One of them is grilled lobster. One of my all time favorite after oysters. Whether you are just two or having guests, it doesn’t have to be a lot of last minute work. You can cook the lobster in the morning and just before it is served, grill them in the oven with garlic herb butter. Lobster should be cooked as soon as they come from the market. If they will not be cooked immediately, rinse the in cold water and drain. Transfer to a large pan and cover with a moistened towel and refrigerate until cooking time.

In a large stockpot of salted boiling water, boil 1-1½ pounds lobster for 5 minutes.* Transfer to a bowl of ice water. Drain and refrigerate until the lobster is completely cold. (If they are still warm when you crack them, they will lose too much juice and become dry.)

Prepare an herb garlic butter with whatever herbs you have. Parsley, chives, rosemary, chervil, basil with a stick butter (8 tbsp=½ cup=1dl), garlic and lemon juice. Make a little package of herbs. Working over a bowl or a baking sheet, cut the cold, cooked lobster down the middel, remove the tomalley, the green to almost black liver in the head and in the top of the tail. Be sure and crack the claws before grilling. and fill the cavity with the herb garlic butter.

Turn on the indoors grill, and if you are so lucky to live in a warm country and grill outside, heat the grill up.

Place the lobster on their backs and grill 2-3 min. Turn them over and grill them on their open meat side with a package of herbs in the middle of lobster.

  • If you prefer to kill the lobster before cooking, place them in the freezer 20 minutes. This will numb them and limits their movement. Place them on their backs and with a sharp chef knive, cut quickly down just before the claws and continue through the head.

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