New Year’s Eve Marzipan Cake- Danish Kransekage

This is the traditional cake the Danes eat on the last day of the year, often drinking Champagne with it. Normally, it is rings formed in conical, and decorated with thin stripes of white glaze. This tradition started in the 1700 century and is used for celebrations. It can be decorated with a figure on top (wedding couple) or)flags (birthdays or anniversaries) crackers. Most supermarkets and bakeries have tons of them in their shops, so I’ve made mine in a smaller version and it is easier.

New Year’s Marzipan Cake


17 oz. 500 gram Marzipan (cut into slices)

5 oz. /150 gram confectioners sugar

1 ¼ oz. or 40 gram pasteurized egg whites


2½ oz./75 gram confectioners sugar (sifted),( plus more if needed)

1 oz./30 gram pasteurized egg whites

To make cake, place 5 oz./150 grams confectioners sugar and half of the pasteurized egg whites in a bowl With an el-mixer on low and add marzipan pieces one by one and the remaining egg whites. When the cake mass is homogeneous, remove from the bowl, place in a plastic bag. Store in refrigerator for at least 2 hours but preferably until the following day.

The next day, prepare the baking sheet, double up parchment paper on two large baking sheets for extra insulation to avoid burning the bottom of cake.

Note: when rolling out marzipan, wash and dry your hands as often as needed to avoid them getting sticky. Divide marzipan mass into two portions. If marzipan feels a little sticky use a small amount of confectioners sugar to roll is into logs. Roll each portion into a 32 Inches/80 cm long log that’s even in thickness. Using an icing spatula or a regular spatula loosen marzipan from tabletop by pressing down hard while sliding spatula under the log. Cut marzipan into 3 inch/6½ cm logs,until all marzipan is used up. Each measured out piece of marzipan is now formed into a triangle shape, pressing with wet fingers gently at the side of each løg. (see picture at the top of the page.) Place on baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake in a preheated 390 degree F/200 degree C) oven for 14 to 18 minutes. Place logs on a rack to allow cooling completely.

To make glaze, beat together sifted confectioners sugar and pasteurized egg whites on high-speed for at least 5 minutes. The glaze should be pretty thick and no longer flow together when beaters are stopped. Add more sifted confectioners sugar as needed. Fill the glaze into a decorating bag fitted with a size 2 round tip or make a cone out of parchment paper or use a plastic bag and cut a very tiny hole at the tip.

Begin decorating, moving the tip back and forth across the log making sure to extend the tip out over the edge of ring to allow the glaze to droop down the outside in a loop style fashion, continue decorating until all the logs are decorated.  Allow glaze to dry at room temperature for a couple of hours before covering with plastic if cake is to be served in the following days. Enjoy.

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