Rullepølse (rolled sausage) with Aspic, Raw Onions and Cress on Ryebread

Rullepølse is a traditional and one of the most popular cold cuts in Denmark. It is used in our famous open-face sandwiches. A piece of pork belly is flattened out and is spread with herbs  and seasoning (salt, pepper, allspice), chopped onions, and in some variants, parsley. It is then rolled up and placed in a brine for a number of days, before being placed in a special press, cooled, and sliced thinly. I have never done this recipe before for the blog, because it takes a few days to make. I am giving this recipe today and hope that people might want to try it. It taste wonderful and is worth all the work.

Rolled sausage with Aspic, Raw Onions and Cress

Rolled sausage: 1 pork belly 2-3 lbs./1-1½ kg

Herb mixture:

1 tbsp. salt

2 tsp. peber

½ cup chopped persille

1 tbsp. sugar





2 sprigs of parsley

2 bay leaves

1 onion

3 whole cloves

10 pepper korns

To make rolled sausage, cut the belly so it is a nice square. 10 inches x 10 (25 cm x 25 cm) Any meat that has been cut away should be placed on the thinnest part of the pork belly. Sprinkle salt and pepper over. Chop onions and spread them, parsley and sugar over meat. Loop the free end of a ball of string round the end of the meat and tie a knot. Without cutting the string, make successive loops at 1½ inch intervals along the meat; tighten each loop by pulling the string as you go. Secure the rolled sausage by bringing the string under the entire length of the meat and knotting the free end.   Rub with salt and place in a deep dish. Cover and refrigerate for 1½ days.

To cook, place in a large pot and fill with water just enough to cover the meat. Add sprigs of parsley, bay leaves, onion, cloves and pepper korns. Cook sausage over low heat 1½-2 hours. Let sausage stay in the water an hour, before it get placed in a rullepølser form. If you don’t have such a form, a baking loaf pan can be used. Place something heavy over the baking loaf. Place in refrigerator and let it stay there a few days before serving .

To serve, place a few slices of rolled sausage on buttered rye bread, a strip of aspic* on top. Garnish with rings of raw onions and cress


This garnish is simple and a vital part of many open-faced sandwiches.

Makes 1½ cups

1½ cups of strong, clear consommé

1 package (1 oz.) powdered gelatin

Port wine (optional)

Heat consommé and sprinkle with powdered gelatin. When the gelatin is dissolved, add a little port wine. Pour into one large or several smaller molds.

Refrigerate to thicken. To serve, loosen jellied consommé around the edges. Dip mold a second in boiling water and unmold jellied consommé. Slice (in strips) to serve. Aspic can also be diced.

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