How to make an open-face sandwich

 It is no secret, I am a big fan of Danish open-face sandwichs, also known as smørrebrød. These sandwiches are one of the most prominent features of the Danish kitchen. These delicious sandwiches were not found anywhere else, not even in the neighboring countries of Norway and Sweden until recently. Now they are popping up all over the world. A slice of rye bread or a slice of white bread with a little butter, and you can make all kinds of interesting sandwiches. The problem is, not everyone know how to make a sandwich. Some say that you can put whatever you want on them. This is true, but if one follows a few simple steps, the results will be outstanding. I will be writing again about these wonderful sandwiches as I want the world to enjoy our sandwiches. Some of you that have joined in on my blog, may not have seen the instructions on how to make these sandwiches. So I will do some of the popular sandwiches again. This one is a must for the Danish luncheon  – egg with shrimps, mayonnaise and dill.


 Start with speading a thin layer of butter on bread. It keeps the bread from absorbing to much moisture.


 Place a leaf of lettuce on the buttered bread.


Cut the hard-boiled eggs into even slices with an egg slicer or knife. Arrange slices of egg on the buttered bread.


Place a handful of shrimps on top of the egg slices. Place  ½ tbsp. of mayonnaise in the center and garnish with a sprig of dill.


Makes 4

Fresh shrimps are best, but a package in the freezer is always nice to have.

4 slices of white bread buttered with 1 oz. butter

4 leaves of butter lettuce

4 hard- boiled eggs

2 tbsp. mayonnaise

12 oz. baby shrimps

Garnish: dill

To assemble, place a leaf of lettuce on the buttered bread. Peel the eggs and slice them with an egg slicer or knife. Arrange the slices decoratively on the bread. Place ½ tbsp. mayonnaise in the center of the egg slices. Top with 3-4 oz. of shrimps.

Garnish with a sprig of dill.  

This sandwich is eaten with a knife and a fork. Enjoy.

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