Veterinarian’s Evening Sandwich

To make this sandwich, you have to have some liver paté which I gave the recipe for the day before. This  sandwich is called Dyrlægens Natmad in Danish and is one of the few named Danish open-face sandwiches. A veterinarian who worked for the Danish king would stop by  a well-known restaurant in Denmark every evening  after he finished his day at the royal stables. He wanted this sandwich.  After placing liver pate on the buttered bread, thin slices of salted veal is placed on top of the liver pate. Then slices of jellied consommé (recipe follows) and then garnished with slices of red raw onions and cress is placed on top.  As you can see, the sandwich is quite large and can be very filling.  All you need is a little cheese to make a nice lunch.


First you must start a few days before and make the salted veal. Salted veal is vital part of the Veterinarian’s Evening sandwich, but can also be eaten warm with boiled potatoes and a vegetable or served cold on buttered bread with jellied consommé and thin slices of raw onions.

Salted Veal

2 lbs. rump veal, Brine: 7 oz. coarse salt, 3 tbsp. brown sugar for every 2 pints of water

To make veal, place meat in a bowl and measure amount of water needed to cover it. Dissolve salt and sugar in water and pour brine over meat. Refrigerate for 2-3 days. Place meat in a large pot and cover with fresh water. Simmer gently for 30-45 minutes. Now the meat can be served warm with boiled potatoes and a vegetable or salad. Or, chill the meat and serve it the next day on a sandwich.

The Veterinarian*s Evening Sandwich – makes 4

4 slices of buttered dark bread, 4 oz. liver pate (see the recipe above or December 2016) 4 slices of jellied consommé (recipe at bottom of page), 8 thin slices of salted veal

Garnish: 8-12 slices of raw red onions rings, cress or sprigs of dill

To assemble, place one thick slice of liver pate on each pieces of buttered bread, two or three slices of salted veal on top of pate and a strip of jellied consommé on top if meat. Garnish with rings of raw onions and cress or dill.

Jellied Consommé – makes 1½ cups

1½ cups of strong, clear consommé, 1 package (1 oz.) powdered gelatin,

To make, heat   consommé and sprinkle with powdered gelatin. When the gelatin is dissolved, pour into one large or several smaller molds. Refrigerate to thicken. To serve, loosen jellied consommé around the edge. Dip mold a second or two in boiling water and unmold jelled consommé. Slice in strips to serve. It can also be diced.

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