Open-face Sandwich with Chicken with Curry Mayonnaise and Bacon

Poultry is always popular on an open-face sandwich. It is reasonably priced, widely available and sold in all kinds of cuts. Eating more chicken, which contains less fat than red meat, is a good solution to the fatty meat-dilemmas . Chicken has many of the same nutritional benefits as meat, In fact, chicken and turkey breast has more niacin/vitamin B3 than lean meat which improves cholesterol levels and lowers cardiovascular risks. Chicken breast is tremendously versatile and relatively easy to cook. The cheaper cuts such as thighs and drumstick which are present in whole cooked chicken have a more intense flavor than breast meat. Leftover duck is also good as an open-face sandwich. Turkey can be used instead of chicken. Left-over chicken or a purchased roast chicken can be used.

Chicken salad w aspargus musrooms jpeg_0086

Chicken with Curry Mayonnaise and Bacon

Makes 4

2-3 baked or cooked chicken breast with skin (left-over from the day before is fine), 4 slices of buttered white bread, 4 lettuce leaves, 4 tbsp. mayonnaise with 1 tbsp. curry, 4 slices of  fried bacon, ¬Ĺ of a tomato cut in wedges Garnish: cress

To assemble, remove skin from chicken. Slice chicken in cubes and mix with mayonnaise and of curry. Place this mixture on a slice of bread covered with  a lettuce leaf. Arrange one or two slices of bacon on top of  chicken. Place a wedge of tomato on top and garnish with cress.

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